Please Pray for Archbishop Burke


Archbishop Burke resigned today as Chairman of the Board of the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation, a fundraising organization for the children’s medical center. He took this step because the foundation has arranged for singer Sheryl Crow to perform at this Friday’s benefit. Sheryl Crow has publicly promoted abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research, most notably as a proponent of Amendment 2 in the November Missouri election.

A link to his statement:

Please pray for his continued protection and humility to do God’s work.

Thanks and God bless you!



Amen to that. I am a St. Louis Catholic who fully supports His Excellency’s position.
You should read the vitriol in the Post Dispatch forums. He is compared to Satan, Muslims and the Pharisees for his position.
Whatever happened to the idea that it is never right to do evil in the hope that good will come of it?

Tim C.
St. Louis, MO.



What would be the best way to demonstrate our encouragement to this good archbishop?



Start with informing the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation, that you will no longer be sending money to support their cause as they are no longer Pro-life and children.


and jump in and post to support the Archbishop…


I couldn’t get past the first few statements on the list. We jmoved away from the St. Louis area a few months ago. I still find it hard to believe how much disrespect the average person that I encountered has for His Excellency.

Apparently people forget that he has a soul to save, too. We could all learn a great lesson from his courage and wisdom. I will continue to pray for him and for the conversion of everyone’s hearts to the “right” stance. :whistle:


Personally, I’m proud of him for taking the stance that he did.


Just a reminder:

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The ArchBishop is not most in need of our prayer because he is the one who has acted justly and his reward is in heaven. God’s grace upholds the just and I don’t say that from hypothesis because when a soul stands for justice it withstands all onslaught because the One who stands with the soul is greater than all onslaught.

The person I will pray for is the woman. I cannot say she has sinned because I cannot judge her nor her conscience, but what I can say is that I know the Truth and so does the ArchBishop and so I desire that she be converted to the Truth, Christ Jesus.

I do not condemn her and I don’t wish to see a word here of anyone condemning her.

My love is greater for her because she is in most need of it.

She will lovingly remain in my prayer of life and the ArchBishop I will greatly thank God for in my prayers.


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