Please pray for coworker's daughter with leaking aneurysm


This young woman has two small children and was just taken emergently to hospital; her operation will be in just under an hour from now (4:40 EST). Please pray for her and her whole family.


Praying! :gopray2::gopray:


Praying! Please let us know how she’s doing.




Thank you all. . .
I’m hoping for an update sometime later today or tomorrow–my coworker flew out early this morning (daughter lives out west). She already lost another child in an accident years ago, a grandchild had a serious accident a couple of months ago, and her husband had surgery only a few months ago so she’s had a very rough time of it this year, God bless her.


Gosh, that’s rough. I will pray for her also.


May the Lord help her heal and recover from this ailment.


Any update today?


No update so far, which is making me nervous. My coworker is really, really good about updates. And even if there was no computer access available she would have given a call if there was anything definite known. Hopefully things will be okay. I’ll keep hoping for an update soon.


Update from today, November 21

Thanks so very much to all of you who have sent your prayers. My coworker’s daughter came through the surgery well and prospects for full recovery are excellent. They are hoping she will be released to go home later today.

Thank you again. What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be for them this year. Thank you for your prayers.


Allelluia! Prayers of thanksgiving going up! :slight_smile:


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