Please Pray For Dale Earnhardt, Jr


Dale is going thru alot of soul searching and life changing choices right now. Please God, give him your guidance to make the right choices for his future. Give him the strength to believe that when You close a door, a window is opened to a new plan that You have for us.Amen.

Disclaimer: I am not related to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I am just a fan who is worried about him in his time of trial.


I said a prayer for him.


Guide him, Holy Spirit. :gopray2:




Prayers are on the way.


I am not a NASCAR fan but will pray for Dale. Don’t you think the majority of today’s celebs need our prayers? Especially those who ave knowledge of Christ yet are struggling in today’s secular world.

Dale, I’ll remember you tonight in my prayers.


May the love of God guide him in his decisions and keep him safe.


Last night I led off my rosary intentions for Dale. He may not be Catholic but let’s see what the power of the rosary does for him!:gopray:


by the way…I am NOT Dale Earnhardt’s mother! I am just a worried fan. My dog’s name is Dale and I have no children so I consider myself his mom…thus the name dalesmom.


I was wondering when I saw your username :rotfl:


I’ve said a prayer for him.:gopray2:


I’m glad you cleared that up for us - I was wondering!


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