Please pray for DH: surgery to reattach thumb


Yesterday morning DH was working at a friend’s house putting hard wood floors and using a table saw (you know those electric ones to cut wood) when a piece of wood got stuck on the blade and pulled his hand toward the blade and cut off more than half of his left thumb.

Doctors were hoping he didn’t cut an artery (which he didn’t). Thank God the bleeding stopped before he got to the ER. He was tranferred from from a hospital near our howmetown to San Francisco by ambulance and Doctors were already waiting in the surgery room. He was in surgery last night for two hours trying to fuse his finger back to his hand and repairing his tendons, nerves, muscles and veins.

After 3 hours he was sent to CCU (intensive care) and spent the night there. He’s still there as I write this. He seems to be ok, but he’s on close watch to make sure his veins don’t clog up, cause clots that could travel to his heart. Because of this he’s going to be in the hospital for a week.

And we thought he’d be out last night. The surgeon said “no way, this is a really complicated and major surgery.” But his hand seems to be taking the surgery well, as long as it doesn’t change color or clots don’t develop, they won’t have to amputate.

Please pray so he doesn’t lose that part of his hand. People think it’s just a finger, but w/o the thumb, a hand becomes basically useless.

Thank you all and God bless!

(I’m also hoping our insurance covers all of this)


With my prayers for him and thanks for the doctors.

It’s great what they can do for such accidents these days.


prayers your way


I will.


:frowning: Prayers for you and your husband and the doctors and others looking after his hand :signofcross: :gopray:


Thank you guys!




I pray for your friends thumb , Lord Jesus Heal this man’s thumb by the power of your Ressurection .


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