Please pray for favorable outcomes on the last homework I got to do for the semester,please

Despite it having been Holy week I haven’t been feeling to good these past few days.Although I’m thankful that yet again God willing,I’ll be able to transfer for the last time to a program I like.However there are still bits of schoolwork that I have to overcome like a particulary difficult programming assignment I can only hope my tutor will help me with and a relatively easy assignment due for an inbox upload at 8 in the morning which I don’t doubt will turn out being long for me.

Even if I do know have a sort of superstitious fear that bad stuff regarding my school funding or program transferring will happen b/c of the things I’ve done recently I’d appreciate it if I could be prayed for.It makes me feel that I should really look into how praying for people exactly works when I’ve got the time and such to be back here more often.

.P.S. I’m sorry for the vexed tone of a recent posting of mine where I said how upset I was with a priest’s reply to me when I brought up my frustration with God with how I’ve struggled to understand knowledge that is neccesary.That’s why I assume it was taken down after I so clearly remember having put it up to post.On a different note though when ppl like moderators or whomever take down our postings for some reason even if there’s no swearing in them and such can we at least get private messages saying why they got taken down in particular?.It so we know not to do so next time.

I’m praying for you to do well in your homework and school, sidetrack. Just remember success and good grades is not your ticket to heaven!

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, pray for sidetrack!
st Joseph Cupertino, pray for sidetrack!


Lord, send sidetrack angelic help for these intentions, and lend this soul grace to perform studiously in accord with the Father’s merciful will. Lead this soul to heaven now and forever through these trials. Our Lady, pray with us. Amen.

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