Please pray for fr. kennedy


our priest has had a stroke. please pray for him. thank you.


O Lord our God, Who by a word alone did heal all diseases, Who did cure the kinswoman of Peter, You Who chastise with pity and heal according to Your goodness; Who are able to put aside every sickness and infirmity, do You Yourself, the same Lord, grant aid to Your priest-servant Fr. Kennedy and cure him of every sickness of which he is grieved; and send down upon him Your great mercy, and if it be Your will, give to him health and a complete recovery; for You are the Physician of our souls and bodies, and to You do we send up Glory: to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Both now and forever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.


that was beautiful! thank you.


Prayers :gopray2:

Lord knows we need all our priests fit and well! There aren’t too many of 'em to spare.


Keeping Fr. Kennedy in prayer…Blessings - Barb



Fr. Kennedy is in my prayers.


St. Luke, hear our prayers and share them with the Great Healer.


Praying for Fr.Kennedy. :gopray2:




Prayers for Fr Kennedy!!:byzsoc:


Praying for Fr. Kennedy.


Just an update!

Fr. Kennedy was at Mass tonight!!:smiley: He’s still pretty weak and had to sit at the altar for much of the time, but thanks be to God…he’s back!!!

Thanks for all of the prayers y’all!!!


Giving thanks…


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