Please Pray for George


My Family,

Please, please pray for George, he is a drinker, he works with me, we have had to stop him from driving this morning… please also pray for his wife Lauri.

My Father, please please help George, i can see that he hurts, please guide him, watch him, save him. Please hold up his wife Lauri; please take control of this situation my Lord of mercy.

Thank you Lord for giving Terry the courage to take the car, please bless him always.

i ask this in God the Father’s name, God the Son’s name and God the Holy Spirits name.:signofcross:



Thank you for sharing your petition. George and Lauri are in my prayers.









I have only just returned from an AA meeting so i understand your concern…i will pray for you now and included in my prayers will be a specific prayer that professional help is sought as it really does work ! I will be sober 7 years on 23 sept. 2007. Jesus gave me a second chance and He will do the same for George…but George has to come to a point where he admits that he needs help !
God bless , and don’t give up ever !:thumbsup:


God bless you all!! I will include George and his family in my prayers tonight…


Prayers for George and an intercessory prayer to Saint Monica, who is one of the patron saints of alcoholics. As today is her feast day, I believe this is providential. God bless his good friends for their concern.


Will keep George in prayer… JMJ


Praying for George and Lauri…


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