Please Pray for Lynn


My friend Lynn had a stroke on the fourth of July. He is now in the hospital and has lost the complete use of his left side. He is having trouble swallowing and coversation is all but impossible for him. Please pray for his recovery… He has been through this kind of thing before, but this time it is a little more serioius than in the past and he needs our help.


Prayers for Lynn!

Dear Jesus,
Divine Physician and Healer of the Sick,
we turn to You in this time of illness.
O dearest Comforter of the Troubled,
alleviate our worry and sorrow with Your gentle love,
and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden.
Dear God,
we place our worries in Your hands.
We ask that You restore Your servant to health again.
Above all,
grant us the grace to acknowledge Your holy will
and know that whatsoever You do,
You do for the love of us.






St. Luke intercessions in concert with my own


Prayers for Lynn. :gopray:


Prayers for Lynn.


Beginning now a rosary for Lynn.


May Lynn feel the warmth of God’s love and the strength of our prayers for him as he recovers. God bless him and his good friend for asking!:gopray2:


Prayers for Lynn’s complete recovery and continued health and for his family at this most difficult and anxious time. May their hearts be healed and peace come to the family soon.


Praying for Lynn!


Lynn is in my prayers.


Keeping Lynn in prayer


My prayers for Lynn :crossrc:


For his recovery, I pray that God would bless him and grant him comfort and healing.


May God bless Lynn, his family and friends, give them strength to carry this cross, help them learn from it and move closer to God.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.:gopray:




thank you everyone for your prayers. Lynn is on the mend.but tne journey is slow…Please, if you have it in your heart, keep up the prayers. The forum has blocked this link because I used Lynn’s last name. Please don’t let that deture your efforts.

Incedently, Lynn was a evangelical minister that converted to the catholic Church and he knows most of the famous evangilists that we see on TV, personally, He is an old man, in his mid seventies, who is in the middle of putting together a retreat center for damaged youth. He as a lot left to give God and I would love to see what his life has to offer, should it continue. He lives with his sister. who left a Carmialite religious order to become a consectated virgin and is devoted to this new apostolite and to taking care of him. The two of them have great plans, if life gives them enough time… Please pray for them both…


They sound like dear & wonderful people!! I will also pray for his sister.:signofcross:


My prayers are for you all including the youth Lynn has in mind. Thank you for the graces imparted by sharing Lynn’s and his sister’s journey with us all.

May God expand the boundaries of our faith every moment we take a breath in His Name.

Jesus I Ask you for mercy.
Jesus, I ask that you teach me to Be merciful.
Jesus I ask that you strengthen my Complete trust in you. Amen.


Praying for Lynn.

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