Please pray for Matron of Honor & Best Man


Tonight was our rehersal for our wedding tomorrow.

Our Matron of Honor and Best Man are husband and wife.

Well our Matron of honor had to be rushed to the hospital (she is pregnant)

I just go word that her baby of almost 3 months mis carried. Please keep her and her husband in your prayers. She still wants to be at our wedding and she don’t want to miss her Sister’s (my wife as of tomorrow) wedding.

We are leaving this is God’s hands.

Thanks everyone. :frowning:


How sad. Prayers for them and the baby.


Thanks Diane.

Yes of course the baby as well. :frowning:


Will offer this up at my next rosary


Prayers. :gopray:


Prayers for your maid of honor and best man, and for the soul of the baby…:gopray2: And congratulations on your wedding!


Will be praying for you all today.



Keeping all in prayer…




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