Please pray for me and a friend


I’m going through a rough time right now. An ex girlfriend of mine… oi… she went off and dated another guy and he messed her up badly. Now she’s out and running around engaging in things she knows are HIGHLY contradictory to her normal morals… and it’s tearing me up badly because I hurt for her as she hurts herself more and more. She doesn’t even see what she’s doing to herself either. Please pray for her to come to her senses before she does so much that she can never turn back and if you can spare a moment pray for me too. I just am out of ideas to save her and I need help on this one.


Praying for you and your friend.


Hi promethius , sorry to hear about your difficult situation with your girlfriend .I’ll pray that God shall heal your relationship and restore your friendship . In Jesus Holy Name , Amen!


Praying for her.


Praying for you guys.

God bless


LORD Jesus
Guide and Help Ur Daughter


Praying very hard for you both!


Just an update… i’m trying to break through to her, but she’s now under the delusion that this way of behavior was how she always believed and that she just didn’t act out on it because of the way that people would think. That’s a patented lie, meant to protect herself, and I don’t think anything can get better until she’s realized that this IS a change, a BIG change, in her morals. all of her real friends are trying to reach out to her, and all of us are in shock over this massive change. unfortunately, there are some very bad people having a very bad influence on the parts of her that were hurt by this latest guy. Please continue to pray for her, she needs it because even if she snapped out of this now, the emotional damage when she realizes what she’s done is going to be extreme.


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