Please Pray for Me as I Go to College


This Sunday I will be moving down to Texas A&M to begin my career as a college student. I would deeply appreciate anyones prayers for me to hold strong in my faith and to recognize and discern God’s will. I’m really excited about this, but am starting to get nervous about moving out. Thanks in advance. Peace and God bless!


Praying for you! I also moved to college recently. I came University of New Mexico a few days ago.


They are one of a handful of schools that actually has a nuclear engineering program, so I actually looked at going there. I decided I just couldn’t leave Texas though:shrug: . Thank you for your prayers, and I will keep you in mine as well.


As my son will be doing the same soon, you have my prayers. Stay strong in your faith, read scripture, DO NOT stop attending mass-you need the spiritual food and drink. The world is going to throw everything it has at you but, through Christ, you can resist and be victorious.
Christ’s peace be with you.


Sounds like you’ve made the right start already.

Be good: dorm life in most schools would test the virtue of a saint.

God bless.


Take a little something that you can stick in a corner somewhere that reminds you of home, it will help to ease the homesickness. I will pray for you:thumbsup:


This Sunday I will be moving down to Texas A&M to begin my career as a college student. I would deeply appreciate anyones prayers for me to hold strong in my faith and to recognize and discern God’s will. I’m really excited about this, but am starting to get nervous about moving out.

As well as taking a little something from home, perhaps a little statue or holy artwork to keep your Faith always in your mind as well. Will keep all your intentions in my prayers. JMJ


I have a crucifix I am definately taking, along with a carved statue of Jesus carrying the cross. I am also deciding if I want to bring both of my ikons. I would bring both, but at the same time I don’t want to go scaring off my roommate right away:rolleyes: .

I am very happy though, because I looked at the daily mass schedule, and I should be able to attend the local parish almost every day. They also have the sacrament of penance offered every day! Since I can walk to the parish, I really hope I take advantage of daily penance.

Thanks again for everyones prayers!


Kevin 42
My prayers are with you.Most of all GOD IS with you.Stay focused on the The Lord,confort is yours.Many around you
are in the same boat.Do your best.The Lord will guide you,He knew you before you was in your mothers womb HE will be with you in all your trails and errors,victorys.All is well.YOUR bright,
strong,and all things is possible through our Lord.


I will pray for you. I recommend wearing a small crucifix. It can remind you of your faith during times of temptation. Also, it will let others know you are a Catholic Christian. You might also try to find some other Catholics to attend Mass together (to encourage each other when one person does not “feel like” attending Mass). Don`t worry about scaring off your roommate. It is possible to display your icons openly but descretely. Of course, if they are valuable in terms of financial expense, they are safer at home.

Good luck!




I’m praying for you Kevin. May God grant you the grace to stay close to him wherever you go. May you understand what God plan with your life and may you have the strength to answer yes!


How exciting and how scary it can be. Place your trust in God - speak to Him first every morning and ask that He guide your day. Work hard and enjoy this wonderful journey. I will keep you in my prayers!:slight_smile:


Praying for you Kevin. :gopray2:


I guess I never really understood how much temptations dorm life would have and it’s only my first week! Some guy invited me a while ago to go talk to some of his friends outside their dorm so I went. Somehow the conversation came up about religion then Catholicism. There was 4 people who I had just met. I didn’t defend the faith from what they were saying and I regret it. I didn’t say anything at all… They really ticked me off. I just wanted to get out of their because I don’t like to be around people who go out to drink and get laid. They asked if I wanted to go out and drink with them but you all know my answer to that. I prayed for a phone call from someone for I can use as an excuse to leave. 2 seconds later my mom calls me. Coincidence? I don’t think so! I don’t really know anyone but I seriously need to find some hardcore Catholic friends. I pray once again for you to overcome any temptation college life throws at you. There will be PLENTY.


I assume Texas A & M has a Neuman Club. If so, join it for moral support. And, even at the most secular schools, there are profs who are practicing Catholics. Try to find them. Keep up with CA which is an example of the importance and success of the new cyber communities.


Texas A&M has a great Catholic Church and a fairly large Catholic population for a public school. Mass and reconciliation are offered everyday. Plus they are very true to the faith (NFP and chastity are VERY big). So I know that I will be able to find some good Catholic friends. I just am more worried about dorm life…like Jart mentioned…I don’t really know what to expect. Thank you again for all of your encouragement and prayers. I will keep all of you in my prayers as well, especially you Jart-hopefully you can find some supportive Catholic friends. I am leaving tomorrow, so it may be a day or two before I am able to get back online, but I’ll let you all know how everything is. Peace and God bless!


Sounds like you are going well-prepared. I understand why you
wouldn’t want to leave Texas! I feel the same way.
You sound like you are about the same age as my oldest
grandson who is going to St. Edwards. But it is a very liberal
school and while he is a good kid, he had not been raised with
a very strong Christian faith. (His mother is a lapsed Catholic)
I am praying for some strong Catholic to befriend him and maybe
counter some of the liberal teaching I’m sure he’ll be getting.
I do know that he made a real attempt to be involved through
a Christian youth group, but as far as I know, he was “going
it alone” to Church and didn’t keep it up.
Sorry to digress, much success to you.


College is a good opportunity to introduce your faith to new friends. Friends without a religious upbringing may feel somerthing is missing so might be curious about your strong faith.

Dont be shy about inviting friends to Mass. It is different with girls, but I used to ask my friends if they wanted to come with me to Mass and then go out to Brunch on Sundays. If they werent interested in Mass they could still join me for brunch or coffee. IT became a nice tradition.

If you go to Mass on Saturday or Sunday evenings, you could go out for dinner aftertward.

When I still lived in the States, I used to go to Theology on Tap. If you don`t have that in your area, you could think about starting it. It is a great way to meet other young Catholics, and very non-intimidating way to introduce Catholicism to non-Catholic Christians or friends who grew up without religion etc.




Lord Jesus,

Protect Kevin as he goes to college. Thank you, that at such a young age that he would ask for our prayers. Thank you that Your Holy Spirit is working in his life. With You in his life he has asked for, and will receive, a shining beacon of confidence and re-assurance.

You have promised that anything you ask Me, in My name - I will do. So we ask You Lord, in gratitude for giving us that promise and in knowing that Your Word is true. Let Kevin shine in Your Love.

Praise You Jesus!!



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