Please pray for me: I goofed at work


I have been habitually late to work – so much that when I’m on time, people don’t realize that I’m even there! I tried to make excuses. Next, I tried to hide it. :blush: Then, I would be on time but not be where I was supposed to be. So, my supervisor’s going to have a “chat” with me tomorrow. I’m being written up. No, I’ve never had this happen before. This just isn’t like me.

I did a strong self-examen tonight. I realized that an underlying reason why I didn’t care about showing up on time was that I simply don’t respect my supervisor or my co-workers.

There are reasons why I’ve been passive-agressive in dealing with my peers. I don’t want to start rationalizing my behavior, or pointing fingers at the supervisor’s ‘pets,’ as that would only show petiness and jealousy. There really is no justification for my behavior. And now, I have been and hurting myself and my reputation (with management and the ‘clique’) in the process.

  • So, dear friends, please pray for me that I take the consequences for my actions with grace.
  • Please pray that I’ll recover from stumbling over a block I put in my own way.
  • Please pray that I’ll be able to stay in the same company but move to another division very soon, as I’ve been half-heartedly doing before now.

This whole situation is pretty humiliating, probably ‘just what i needed.’ I really, really can’t wait for Saturday confession!


I will be praying for you,maybe subconsciously, you don’t want the job,in this department,Whatever the reason you are dealing with it ,Thank GOD for the strength you have.Praying:gopray2:


First, before I pray, let me commend you on being able to step up and accept your own faults. As an employer I would say thank you for being honest.

Now, I will pray for God to give you strength and humble you.



Dear M…I thought that your OP asked yourself some very serious questions and gave very honest answers. I will pray that this crisis will unfold happily for you when all is said and done. May St. Joseph The Worker intercede for you


Dear Lord, please recognize, and heal, this contrite heart. Let this be the catalyst for change. In Jesus name we pray.




I will pray for you - good luck!


I like your style, and I’d be willing to bet that God does, too. Be at peace with this thought and know you are upheld in the community of faith, where no mistake is too big for God’s mercy.


Prayers for you, Miserissima, and good for you for taking responsibility.

You may want to also say a couple of prayers that I say, as needed:

  1. Ask your guardian angel to get you up on time.

  2. Pray to St. Michael just as you’re arriving at work, perhaps right before you go in the door, for help in dealing with the “clique.”

  3. If they’re shunning you, like the clique at my workplace did to me … well, if you’ve ever had the smallest attraction for contemplative life, you may wish to prayerfully observe Silence and Solitude in spiritual solidarity with the closest order of cloistered nuns, such as an order of Poor Clares.

Note I said “did,” as in shunning past tense. It went on for almost a full year. Now many of those same people will from time to time acknowledge my existence by looking at me instead of looking away, or with a brief smile, or even with short conversation. It sure ain’t perfect and the spiritual battle continues to rage but it’s improved.

Perseverance in the above prayers can really help.

~~ the phoenix


Praying for you…


God, please help this person. Our Father, who art in heaven… Dear Mary, my mother and queen, please pray for this person. Hail Mary, full of grace…



Just a thought, maybe this isn’t the right job for you? I had similar issues at a previous job, too. Problem was that I just really hated that job, and I had a lot of passive-agressive behaviors that surfaced. I now have a job that I really like, and I put so much more effort and enegry into being on time, doing a good job, etc.


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