Please Pray for me - physical illness

Hello dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
Please pray for me for a physical healing.
I have suffered from a colitis type condition from 1989
to the present. It went away for about 8 years, or rather became less of a problem for about 8 years, but has returned with an increasing severity. I am having to take exhorbitant amounts of Imodium to keep it under control. Way over the recommended daily dose. My only other alternative is prescribed steroid based medications, but as I am on powerful psychiatric medications which would interact with them, that option is out.
Please pray for me, if you would, that God will heal me of this
Thank you and God bless you all,

I will gladly pray for you - and invoke the intercession of St. Elmo …his intestines were wound out of his body onto a spool while he was still alive. Since the winding apparatus of the day was the nautical capstan, that is how he became the patron saint of sailors. He is, for obvious reasons, the saint to invoke against abdominal pains. I pray foryour comfort and healing and that your physicians be guided by the Holy Spirit in and granted wisdom in the treatment of you. God bless you.

Praying for God’s healing.

Thank you all so very much.
God bless you,

Praying for your good health!

~~ the phoenix

Thanks, phoenix !!
God bless,

Praying for your health.

Thank you, Indyann!!
God bless,

Praying for your health. I can understand how you feel. I have IBS and at times the pain is so bad and I alternate from constipation to diarrhea. It runs in our family. My sister has it as bad as you do. She also is on mental health medication and has always suffered from colitis since a teenager. In her case, her emotions or mental health affects her colitis to a point. She can’t eat so many foods like red meat, milk products and more.

I will keep you in prayer tonight and remember you in my daily Rosaries.

I will pray the rosary for you tonight… I also want to voice my concern about the Imodium!!! As a nurse I am recommending that you do not exceed the recommended dosage unless you have been directed to do so by a doctor!! These over-the-counter medications can cause much more pain and suffering…and can even lead to toxcicity and death. Please never use over-the-counter medications of any kind over and above their recommended dosages unless your doctor has told you too…

Thanks so much for your prayers and helpful comments,
My colitis started suddenly in 1989.
I was in a nightclub with some friends on Miami Beach
when I suddenly had to go the the restroom REALLY BADLY,
and it went downhill from there.

Weird thing is, it became dormant from about 1996 to 2003, then started coming back. Weird.

God bless,

Praying for you.:byzsoc:

Hi Jay, I’ll be praying for your health daily. :gopray2:

Jaypeeto4 I am sorry about your illness . Lord I Pray , pray , pray FOR A HEALING FOR THIS MAN ! LORD HE IS YOUR CHILD HEAL AND BLESS HIM DEAR LORD ! THANK YOU LORD , IN THE name of Jesus , amen . the lord hears our prayers for you and is healing you . Praise God ! , John

You have my prayers for you, Jaypeeto :crossrc:

To all you wonderful people who are so kindly praying for me,
thank you so very much and may God richly reward you for your kindness.


I absolutely will pray for you!

To St. Faustina the Lord Jesus said: I have need of your sufferings to rescue souls.

Your suffering sound like a lot, the Lord surely has great plans for you. There is a pupose for this as He never gives more than we can handle, never forget. Your spiritual life must be pretty strong for Him to allow this illness to come back so hard. Don’t lose faith…“Be it done unto me according to thy word!” Easier said than done, I know. Continue to pray for perseverence until He delivers you. God Bless you!

Praying for you.


Thank you for your kind prayers, everyone.
God bless you.

re: my spiritual life, which someone mentioned,
I suffer from constant confusion over doctrinal matters
(well, maybe not constant, but I have a hard time understanding things, coming from a cult background. Plus I suffer from depression, which doesn’t help, and panic/anxiety attacks), so my spiritual life is not very strong. I’m working on it, and I could sure use all of you nice people’s prayers for THAT, too. I try to study scripture and doctrine every day, as well as pray the Rosary,
the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds, and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, as well as extemporaneous prayer.


Praying…also wondering if you could take a natural remedy…check with a licensed practioner

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