Please Pray for Me to Have Guidance

Hey everyone…

I just wanted to ask if you all would please pray for me. I’m going through a tough time emotionally, financially, and many other problems right now. Its all my fault but I don’t want it to start causing me problems spiritually. I’ve been going to Daily Mass and it seems that when I am at Church or praying is the only time I’m happy anymore. Just please pray for me that I will find the guidance that I need and that God will help me through this. Thanks so much. You all are so great!


Kristy ~ I prayed for you. I really hope things get better for you.

Thank you. Like I said, a lot of my problems (well…the financial part, at least), is completely my fault and I know that. I’m trying to fix it but its hard. As far as the emotional problems and other problems, I try not to place the blame on anyone, not even myself because placing blame doesn’t solve anything.

Thanks again for your prayers. I’ll say a prayer for you too! Prayer never hurt anyone.:slight_smile:

praying for you Kristy… stay strong in the Lord… HE will see you through…!!!

Hi Kristy,
You will get through this.
May God give you strength.
You are in my prayers

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