Please Pray for me to have healing


Please pray for healing in my life, My name is Michael and im From the land of San Diego, and I need a miracle right now.

Pray to Jesus and Mary for me , That I may be healed of my afflication. This Afflication has caused me alot of stress and worry . Also pray for me in regards to spiritual growth .

God bless you


I am happy to pray for you. Please consider re-posting this also under “spirituality” and “prayer requests”. There are many members who visit there regularly to pray for the intentions. God bless you.


Michael, we are praying for you… turn your worry into prayer, and hand it over to God :slight_smile:
Here is a prayer that you can pray for yourself… St Jude is very helpful and comforting in times of crisis. In the meantime please know we are here for you.

Bless you,

Prayer in Affliction
O St. Jude Thaddeus, relative of Jesus, glorious apostle and martyr you are known for your virtues and miracles. You are a powerful patron and helper in serious problems and sufferings, we come to you now and ask you from the depths of our heart to come to our aid with your powerful intercession. You have received from God the privilege to assist those who almost despair of all hope. Look upon us our life at times seems filled with crosses. Our earthly journey to the Father encounters persistent trials and pain. At times we experience darkness fatigue, unrest, discouragement and mistrust. Our very faith itself is tested. We are overwhelmed. We trust and know that you as Patron of hopeless cases and situations, want, like our loving heavenly Father, to help us. Hasten to our aid. Heal in us whatever may hinder God’s loving and purifying touch.


You know thank you so much for praying for me. It feels good to know people care . Its a very private thing Im going through right now and I dont really feel like sharing it with anyone I know , since they probably will not understand or might be a tad judgemental .Though Im probably going to be sharing this with a priest or someone in person I trust soon.

But yes thank you , And keep your prayers for me alive as I seek out healing for my affliction .Im very grateful . It felt good to see your Posts in reponse to my request.

Michael of San Diego


You are in my prayers. God bless you!



Prayers are on the way.


I just prayed for you and will keep you in my prayer.
Your name, Michael, immediately reminded me of St. Michael the Archangel, and I prayed the St. to protect you as well.

Talking to a priest is a great idea. This coming week, there will be many people coming to confess. You might want to go ahead and make an appointment with a priest to talk with him. If the appointment is not within coming week, you can also go to confession and talk to that priest.

God bless.


Count me in, too, Michael.
May God bless you.


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