Please Pray for me to pass my driving test

Hi Everyone,

Could you please pray for me, I have prayed myself but have my driving test tomorrow and I’m very nervous.

I am a confident driver but always let nerves get in the way - could you please let my instructor see I’m a safe driver and get me throught the mavourves/test sucessfully.

Promised publication to thank you all - please pray for me


Claire I ask our God to help you to acheive calm and to do well in this and in all the challenges of your life.
May God truly bless you and everyone you love!

Will pray for you Claire…God be with you and good luck…

I’ll pray to God to give you the courage and strength in calming yourself during the test and pray that your instructor will do his/her job to pass/fail you according to your ability to dirve.

Keeping you in my prayers. Good luck!


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