Please pray for me


A few weeks ago I had posted on here because I was having very bad tooth pain, and was terrified of the dentist. Thank you again for all of your prayers.

After having been treated, I am now having renewed pain combined with waves of overpowering anxiousness. I am not sure if this is because of the new crown, the periodontal treatment, or whether my wisdom teeth - which are supposed to be removed in October - have to come out now.

I’m very frightened and have realised that I am no good with pain, so could very much use your help. I have been praying to St. Apollonia but it is always good to know there is someone out there who is thinking of you, and remembering you, selflessly, before Our Lord in prayer.

Thank you and God bless!


Dear Father please calm Dret’s anxieties, as stress worsens pain.
If the pain is due to tension and tightly clenched teeth at night, then please help Dret to practice relaxation techniques. Encourage Dret to go to the dentist to reduce the worry by finding the true cause. None of us is good at pain, but if Dret can relax more, then pain is less intense. Please give Dret the gift of being able to displace pain but to nevertheless seek help. I ask in Jesus name that You give Dret healing ad abundant grace.

Bless you, Trishie


Toughen up! JUST KIDDING!

My Jesus,
You endured pain equal to the suffering of the world. Please comfort Dret through this pain and allow Dret to compare the pain with Your pain and suffering and to see that such pain is allowed by God and nothing which You endured. Nonetheless, Lord, the pain is causing worry and I beg of You to send Your grace to either free Dret of this pain or at least free Dret of the worry attached to the pain.

Please help Dret trust in You so that this pain can be offered up to The Father as a cross to carry.

O Holy Spirit, be with Dret and the dentist and everyone involved as to bring about the will of The Father and to allow Your grace to spread.

Help Dret see that pain is temporary and glory is forever!

Amen, Amen!


Ouch!!! Praying for you!


Thank you all for your prayers, I am very grateful for them!

I am seeing the dentist tomorrow, he called me this evening and was very kind. It has provided a good deal of relief to my anxiety as I know he is a good dentist.

Oh that I could be more heroic in my suffering! I have tried offering this for the souls in Purgatory, and for remission of my own temporal punishment, but the truth is that I am more often just praying for the strength to stand it until it can get treated and go away…

In any case, thank you again and God bless you! I will update my post when I know more.


prayers for you. I understand and hate going to the dentist too. I have had 10 crowns and it wasn’t a picnic. these crowns weren’t cosmetic either. when I was younger, the dentist used to give me nitrous oxide gas prior to the dental work to help me relax. inquire about this or maybe your doctor could give you some kind of meds to take before you have any dental work done.



Hi Kate - Wow, no that does not sound like fun at all.

My dentist thinks that I have developed an infection as a result of the new crown and debridement he did last week, so I am just hoping that is all it is. I have not until now had a lot of dental work done, and as you if anyone can attest, the fact that you have this pain and discomfort constantly around in your head, close to the brain, where you can’t really see it, is part of what drives you crazy with grief, I think.

Thank you for your prayers!


my crowns were done as a result of a bicycle accident when I was 8 , and the others were done later as a result of some botched up dental work by a dentist. now, I’m okay, but I still hate going to the dentist. I hate when they poke around and find a cavity. it feels like I’ve been electrocuted. another thing that a dental assistant told me was to have a back crown in gold versus porcelain. the prep process isn’t quite as bad. one problem that I sometimes experience is that the dentist can’t quite hit the right nerve to numb. it’s not his fault, but that is just the way the one side of my body works. the same thing happened when I had an epidural when I went to have my first child. it did a window-take, where only the one side of my body got numb. ouch!
in any case, I will keep you in my prayers. one quick question: are you on antibiotics for this new problem? and one other: were you on antibiotics prior to your root canal? If you are not currently taking any meds, you might want to call the dentist to see if this is a possibility.



Hi Kate -

Man that sounds like you have had some incredible pain issues to deal with. I feel so weak by comparison. This of course is why women keep the human race going, we men cannot possibly expect we are strong enough to carry a child and give birth!

Fortunately I did not need a root canal. I had a temp crown for a couple of weeks, and then they put on the permanent crown, and that part of it went very well. No pain whatsoever.

My dentist did not prescribe me any pain meds other than a prescription mouthwash. We discussed this on the phone this evening, and he said many of his patients who have swollen and infected gums from years of neglect end up having various degrees of pain during treatment, particularly after a debridement which is what I had on Friday. He said some feel fine, and other need pain meds, and I am just one of the latter.

The problems I’m having now, he thinks, are from the debridement - or better, the problems he is addressing which led to my needing a debridement, from staying away from the dentist out of fear for about 7 years. After putting in the crown he did the debridement and injected all of the gum-tooth pocket things with a medication. He said my gums were very inflamed and infected. For the first few days after the debridement my gums felt great, but now they hurt.

Anyway, he had given me a prescription mouthwash to use for a month after the debridement, before I go for my descaling next month. The reason why I suspect he is right in thinking I have gum infection now, that needs to be addressed by medication, is that when I used the medicated mouthwash this evening, I felt better almost immediately, whereas the ibuprofen alone was helping somewhat, but taking a long time. The topical application of the mouthwash was excellent and now I am sitting here and only feeling a tiny bit of pain, so I should be able to sleep.

I am hoping that with some antibiotics that things will go better tomorrow, and I can go back to work…I am also hoping that this is not something more serious. So thank you for your prayers and please know that I am keeping you and the other posters in my own!



Apaprently I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out. TODAY. So I am leaving for the oral surgeon in about 10 minutes. Please keep me in your prayers if you can, I will try and update on how things go when I feel up to it. God bless all of you for your prayers and support!



You will be in my prayers.

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen***


Thank you Gail, that was a lovely prayer and I have just prayed it. And thanks to all who read this post and remember me in their prayers.

I am now at my parents’ home, they are retired but came to pick me up and take care of me for the long holiday weekend which is woinderful.

I had to have all four teeth taken out, and it is pretty painful, but I have medication etc. and am at home and so this will help. I was clutching on to my rosary most of the time I was waiting to go under (full sedation.) When the time came they wanted to take the rosary away, but the nurse said she would put it in my pocket with my glasses, and place my hand over the rosary so I could feel it. When I woek up in recovery, the glasses were back on my nose, and the rosary was back wrapped around my hand. That was really a kind gesture.

Please pray for me that the healing will go well, that God will show me a way that I will be able to pay for the treatment, which was really far more than I had thought it would be because of the complexity the surgeon found, and that I will be able to use all of this as a way to pray for the sould in purgatory, for others I know who need help, and thereby unite my suffering to Christ and be more like Him. I am so very bad with pain that I am not sure how this is going to go.

Thank you and God bless. Please know I am remembering all of you who read this post and your respective intentions in my prayers as well, for your great kindness.


Praying for you Dret…


You are in my prayers …

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Thanks very much! Was able to sleep pretty decently for the most part - including listening to a bunch of podcasts I downloaded from Catholic Answers and EWTN! So far things are going okay and pretty much as laid out for me in the instructions the doctor gave me. I’m still concerned about how I am going to pay for this, which goes back to something I REALLY need to do, which is to trust in God - ask for His guidance and help to point me to what I must do. Also prayer to St. Rita who is a good friend of mine over many years of needs and prayers answered, she is wonderful.


Prayers promised


Thank you so much!

My parents have very kindly agreed to foot the bill, but we have talked about the fact that my job has really been taking advantage of me for the last several years, underpaying me compared to my peers who do not work as much yet make more. It’s really time to get out of there. So I am going to get better, God willing, over the next few days (thank goodness we have this holiday weekend) and I will start asking around for job search ideas, help, suggestions, AND praying for them, next week when things are back to normal.

Right now it is back to bed for me, but I just wanted to thank you, DeaconEd, as well as the other readers of this post for your prayers, and please know that you are all in mine.




Thank you Betra, and everyone! So far things are going okay. Some limited pain but the healing process continues, and we shall see how things go. God bless you all, I am grateful for your prayers and am remembering you in mine!



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