Please Pray For Me


Hi everyone. Could you all please pray for me? I am struggling with remaining faithful to the Catholic Church. For my own selfish reasons, I am wanting to be a liberal Christian. I recognize that my reasons are selfish though and I am fully committed to repenting and confessing this sin. Please pray for me.


Lord please help Holly to live her life according to your wishes. Please give her the graces that will help her find joy and peace in all that is right and true.

God bless you, Holly


Prayers for you.




Praying for you, Holly. :gopray:

May our Lord show you clearly, the way that HE wishes you to live our Catholic faith.
By His Grace, may you be given the desire & strength to do so; with joy.


Praying for you Holly…


prayers promised.


Praying for you Holly.


Praying for you, Holly. If I was you, I would begin saying a spiritual warfare prayer, since you are under attack in the spiritual sense. You can Google them.


Praying for you. You’re already doing the right thing by resisting, don’t give up! We’ll all be praying very hard for you.


I am praying for you


Hi Holly , count on my prayers on your behalf . I’ll pray that Lord shall grant His grace and mercy , that will answer to all prayers and keep you steadfast in faith . May Lord grant you inner peace and strenght to outcome all doubts , weariness , temptations and problems . May you keep the faith , is worthy ! God be with you always !
In Jesus Holy lifegiving Name , Amen
Our Father… Hail Mary … Amen


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