Please pray for me.

At the moment I feel as if I don’t believe anymore and that the path I am on is not the one for me and I am so scared :frowning: If you could tuck me in your sleeves and remember me in your prayers I would be so grateful.

Dear Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer. Please hold starmaiden in your loving embrace and give her the clarity and discernment she needs at this time to know Your will for her life. Provide her with all that is necessary to get her life on track so that she can bring You glory and praise Your name.
In Jesus’ most precious name I pray, Amen. :signofcross:

Hail Mary,
full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the Fruit Of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death

I will keep you in my prayers Love.

Eternal Father, we cannot endure prolonged or severe spiritual desolation without Your support. Please comfort us, and increase our faith.

Jesus suffered doubt as we do when He cried out, “My God, My God, why have You abandoned Me?” We unite our doubt with His, for You look with silent pity and unspeakable love on Your Son. You know that Jesus, though sinless, chose to suffer with us, drinking the cup of our unloving choices.

Jesus, You say to me, “Take up your cross and follow Me!” “If you love me, keep my commandments.” I fix my eyes upon the bright scars of Your ransom for me. Why did You suffer so terribly for me who even now remain unconverted? Yet Your wounds, Your hands, Your heart and Your word are filled with promises that You desire to fulfil in me and in others.

Give us strength to bear doubt when it comes, our God, so that with Jesus we can say, “Father, into Your hands I commend my spirit”, thus joining with Him to death of unbelief and sin—into freedom of rising with Him into the glory of the redeemed spirit. April

I offer You my only coin—trust against all appearances, hope despite my heartache, and faith despite my sins and flaws. Mercifully accept this meagre offering and open Your treasure house of love to me and to those whom You wish to serve through me.

Glory to God for people of faith

Our God, I joyfully bless You for all people of faith throughout the centuries! I bless You for those who never doubt Your love and action! I bless You for those who never reproach You for Your mysterious ways! I honour You for those who live in humble joyful harmony with Your will. I praise You for the multitudes of saints! I honour You for those who live in Your love even though they do not believe in You.

I ask pardon for doubts and anxieties that indicate my lack of “perfect love which casts out all fear”. Grant me buoyant faith that You bring all things to good! I wish I never feared that You are less vigilant than I desire for my loved ones, and for anyone in need. Like Job, I ask Your forgiveness and enlightenment for my doubts.

Take my “heart of stone” and fill it with tenderness, courage, and love. Revive my joy and hope so that I reveal Your face to others. Draw to Yourself all my dear ones and everyone for whom I should intercede
Delight Yourself in me by the trust and goodness, the humility and grace that You nurture within my being and theirs. Thereby may we fulfil Your will and dream in our lives, to the glory of Your merciful love. November 1999

God, love and glorify Yourself in us
Our God, how can I fulfil Your commandments to others and to love and worship God above all?

Unlike holy souls who effuse great joy and praise, my attempts to love and worship You seem very poor. I am child of a scientific and empirical era in a world of physical realities and challenges.

I desire faith in Your loving action in temporal affairs even where it is hidden. I desire to praise and love in whatever way You desire, however little understanding I have of Your ways and truth. It seems to me that loving You is about choices.

Jesus witnessed that our salvation depends upon love and service of God in other persons. He proclaimed that, “Whatever you do for even the least of my little ones, you do for Me” who am God. Therefore, we love and worship You in our care of others.

You command that we love others enough to strive even unto death of something of ourselves for their welfare, as Jesus did. I ask You to love others wholeheartedly in my thoughts, prayers, my words and actions. Please bring about blessings for them even in my worst failures to witness Your love. Please develop my trust in Your loving action in temporal affairs even where it remains hidden.

We glorify You in the Eucharist, that summit of worship, petition, and thanksgiving, God’s own offering and fulfilment through Son and Spirit, with the whole Body of Christ. We worship You in the Eucharist as individuals, yet as brothers and sisters of the community. Let me, let us, thus love and worship You in communion.

Blessed be Jesus, who gives us redemption and Eucharist. Blessed be the Spirit who channels His Gift, and gives us creative ways to praise and love God. Blessed be God who is able to give Yourself the honour and praise that we desire to give You.

God alone can appreciate the depths of God, therefore love and delight Yourself in us so that we truly love You. I ask that whatever my activity or state of mind, You will love and adore Yourself in me, our God. Delight Yourself within me in every moment of my existence. This is possible to You for whom “nothing is impossible.” [Genesis 8:14][/size]

In the presence of God

God, I cannot see, hear, or feel You, but I am in Your presence. I gaze at You with faith that sees nothing yet believes. Trust in Your merciful love with hope in Your reality, brings peace even when my limitations and sinfulness barb my human heart.

I am inconstant and selfish, yet unafraid and hopeful, for You rejoice in the sincere, contrite person who comes trustingly before You. I welcome Your forgiveness for my sins and omissions, confident that You will glorify Yourself in me—by being my thoughts, my efforts, my love, my truth, my wisdom, my whole life, prayer, and existence!

As I have no merit of my own, so may You, the more, glorify Yourself in me! Please flood me with Your love, transforming me into Your substance. Thus, even if I remain in seemingly unconverted darkness, I shall be continual offering to You of the perfection of Your own all-creating, all-knowing, all-loving, all-good, harmonious Love that created me.

Let Your love continually flow into anyone whose life touches mine, so that I am witness and experience of Your love for him or her. I pray, and trust, that You utter within me for others, all prayer that You desire to offer and grant in the love that issues from Your infinite presence.

Thank You God, for although I do not see, hear, or feel You, our God, I know that by Your life in me I am always with You.

“Do not grieve…that you were born in a time when you can no longer see God in the flesh. That privilege was not taken from you. As Jesus says, ‘Whatever you have done for the least of my little ones, you have done for me.’” Saint Augustine.

Praying for you StarMaiden.

God if I really knew Your love

Our God, I barely realise my blindness, deafness, and ignorance before You. I suspect the truths of Your love as distant music, though I yearn to know and love You. I desire to be pure, zealous and faithful after example of Jesus and Mary, so that through me, You may channel love and blessing to many others.

If I really knew You, God, if I knew Your love, goodness and power, Your ways and thoughts beyond all earthly kind, then what would I ask, seek, and offer to You and to others’ souls for Your sake! How would I live and serve, if I knew, and truly loved! What would I ask of You, of the Mother, of each Saint and Angel, in daring trust? These I ask anyway, although I am sinful, ignorant, and lukewarm!

My heart reaches out in quiet faith to the Father who is infinite Creator so great that He intimately cherishes each of billions of lowly creatures throughout the ages. My heart reaches out to follow the Son whom He surrendered to creaturehood and to death-that-rose, drawing each person into relationship with God. My heart reaches out to touch the Spirit, who transforms all things.

My self-interest undermines my spiritual vitality and efficacious service. I am an erratic, ordinary person, yet in Your intention, I am a glorious reflection of Your love.

No prayer and goodwill can free me from sinfulness, but with faith, I leap over this deadly barrier. For even as I strive or fail, I trustfully ask You to judge me neither by sin nor by merit, but only by Your love! Free me from Your judgement even in my flaws that may separate us or impede the flood of Your goodness through my life to others. I take to myself no merit to clothe my pride or to secure glory in heaven or on earth—so that You may apply these to other souls in need.

Our God, if by no judgement of my merit or sin do You love and act through me—then Your wisdom, goodness and life can engulf and flow from me to others. This music—of love and holiness, of You within us—may be pitched to perfection, beyond earthly perception. Yet please let each moment (each atom, all thought, word, and act, each frailty and each grace) of my life be transformed in Your love. Let it be formed into exquisite notes of Your eternal symphony to delight and praise You far beyond my understanding.

With faith, I offer You my daily duty and routine, with its joy, prayer, hope, and struggle. Let Your Spirit pray and fulfil in me all that I would become, seek, ask, and do, if Your love and truth were known to me. This, God is the lifelong prayer of this sinful, contrite, hopeful creature.

“*Walk with simplicity in the way of the Lord and do not torment your spirit. Learn to hate your faults but to hate them calmly.” *(Saint Padre Pio) “Heaven is filled with converted sinners of all kinds, and there is room for more” (St. Joseph Cafaso)

Desire to love God

Our God please help me to persevere in prayer for all my loved and my unknown people although I cannot measure results. Help me to grasp that You love every person in all generations of human existence. Help me to know that it thrills You if I love You and that You care if I pray.

While I acknowledge wonderful things that we learn about You, and recognise that, with its attendant problems, creation is astonishing, I am puzzled that You desire our human love and praise! How can anything as numerous and puny as human creatures have power to please or displease God? Each year the flowers from the jacarandas fall to the ground in purple snow to be trampled underfoot. Each day countless people are born, and people die, their bodies rotting in the ground. How can it matter to God that we love God?

Perhaps someday You will place deeper understanding and experience in my heart. For now, I find meaning in trying to live the mission and image of Jesus with my limitations and the constrictions of my situation. I find comfort in ‘approaching’ Jesus ‘face to face’ in Eucharist, in prayer, and in daily life, as if I was His cherished child. I desire and seek to truly love God. I choose to live as if I love God.

You dwell in me, but I experience my frailties every day, while hoping that the face of Jesus shines to others from my life. Sometimes my little kindnesses warm others. Is this enough? At times to my grief, I inadvertently hurt or fail others. Forgive me. Please heal and bless them all. Love Yourself and each person through me. September 2003

Translate me into Your own terms

Dear God, I choose to love You truly and to allow You to love and serve others through me. I want to live Your dream of me fully, but I may misinterpret Your will and inspiration as it refracts through my emotions and mental processes. Please nevertheless fulfil all that You desire through my life and prayer.

Flood Your love to others though all my efforts and errors. Grant me faith, fidelity, wisdom and prayer. Recreate me in the fullness of Your will and fill me with Your love, for sake of Your honour and delight, and for salvation of souls.

Let me be the person who You dream me to be, so that Your desire for Yourself and for each soul You place in my care or influence is generously fulfilled.

Translate me into Your own terms as I come contritely and gropingly before You in humble trust, with my imperfect efforts. I know that You have mercy on good intentions even if these are misguided. Yet please let me know Your will—for You have said, “*I will instruct you, and teach you the way to go; I will watch over you and be your adviser.” *(Psalm 32: v. 8) (1981)

One life to give

Dear God, there are many beautiful, generous, wise and productive people in this world and throughout time. These ‘fully human, fully alive’ individuals are floodgates of abundant blessing to others and of great joy and glory to You.

I have many flaws and often make mistakes. I am inconsistent in charity, faith, wisdom and commitment. Forgive me, God. Yet even if I am less wise and less good than many others are, I have merely this consciousness, this body, this life that I can give You. There is no other self over whom I have right of decision and offering.

Only by Your miracles of grace can I give this ‘me’ totally, and in the way that You wish for Your delight and for others’ benefit. Please make it so, according to Your hope. September 2005

I consecrate my entire life to You. I cannot change others’ paths, but with Your Spirit, I can love You with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

I have only myself to give. Please take all. Never let me go. Make me increasingly Your own. Let me live and accomplish, all that You dreamed of me from loving eternity. March 2005

Infinite Possibilities of God’s love

Holy Trinity of God please let me be drawn into the infinite possibilities and actualities of Your love. Our God, although I do not, and perhaps cannot comprehend, my soul yearningly and trustingly breathes its ‘yes’ to this, to You—in hope that a flood of Yourself is released upon the earth for souls. June 1980

Our God, Your greatness extends boundlessly beyond created time and matter, as a universe around a pebble. Your realities are infinitely beyond human knowledge, yet You await the willing choice of each person, as prerequisite of the fulfilment of the Son’s redemption within them. Our faculties are instrumental to our choices as informed, conscious, creative and free.

Each person throughout time possesses consciousness created for happiness and love in the communion of saints. Those who live according to Your love and truth enjoy everlasting delight and peace with God. Please grant everyone the graces to accept Your redemption, for many good individuals are unaware of their destiny with our Creator. Yet it is unwise to ignore truths revealed in Scripture, Tradition, and precepts of the Church. It is unwise to reject Sacramental gifts bestowed by the Saviour for nourishment and unity. It is foolish to reject the inspirations and blessings that prepare us for eternal life.

In Your merciful love, our God, please grant increase of faith that joyfully transcends earthly doubts and realities, and that gives us courage to trust our lives faithfully and lovingly to You. Let us be absorbed into the infinite potential and realities of Your infinite love and being that transcends human knowledge and imagination. Where it serves You, please deepen our insight into Your love that holds each creature in such intimate awareness and love that God chose to assume human limitations, in order to redeem us.

Holy Trinity, do not reprimand us for lack of faith.
We say with Saint Peter in the frail vessel of ourselves, “Lord, save us lest we perish.”

Have compassion upon the difficulty for sentient beings in a material world to maintain focus and faith in divine realities and truths that transcend our experience. Let Your kingdom come amongst us—to destroy the dam of selfishness, sin, injustice and unbelief that, through our tacit or explicit consent, holds back the flood of Yourself from the souls of humankind.

Mystery of Redemption

Holy God, we do not grasp how awesome and incomprehensible are Your truths. We mistake our conceptions regarding You as the essence of the reality that they fail to encapsulate.

Human Reason cannot make sense of God becoming subject to obedience, humility, selflessness and suffering, in love for His creatures! Thus, while we seek You, we are required to trust as little children.

We can only suspect a flicker of the magnitude of this God through His Creation of a stunningly vast universe containing massive expanding galaxies in an immensity of space. Yet, God of such greatness, You also create the fragile intricacy of tiny insects and the worlds of microscopic lifeforms in their intrinsic perfection! Holy God, open our minds and hearts to the supreme greatness and the sublime mystery of Your works!

From our tiny planet, so important to us but insignificant amongst the countless orbits of the universe, we dare to say ‘our God’ and ‘our Father’ in contemplating the Creator of all these marvels and capable of unknown wonders inconceivable to us. Perhaps the greatest wonder, however, is the love and mercy You show to Your human creatures on this planet, Earth!

All things are held in being in continuous creation within You. Yet, to our knowledge, only human creatures dare to sin. You require of us a life of charity and justice, of prayer and self-denial, of trust and faithfulness during our earthly existence—in promise of everlasting union with the everlasting I AM WHO AM, which is Yourself. Slow to trust, we are reluctant to accept sacred Your dream and plan for us as individuals and as community. The choice to reject or accept is ours.

The Angels, whom You created before us, also faced a choice to love and honour God or to serve themselves. Two-thirds obeyed God and now dwell with You in glory and delight. To the rebellious remainder, punishment was swift. Doubtless, You gave these glorious creatures generous opportunity to fulfil their radiant destiny!

How intense should be our gratitude before the wonder of our relation to You. How great our repentance should be before the arrogance of neglecting our Creator’s laws and astonishing mercy! Holy God please lead us through awareness, repentance and rebirth into continuing spontaneity of response to Your creative love!..Yet many people habitually accept Your revelations and promises with spasmodic attention or with vague complacency. Before so great a God, the purest human zeal and the highest knowledge and goodness are as nothing.

So that we in our unworthiness may be saved and made whole, through Your mercy the seeming-impossible occurs. The eternal Son of God enters the limitations of created time and matter. He assumes fully our humanity, while also retaining His infinite divinity. With His humble, obedient life as human being, He bridges the immeasurably vast difference between God and creature for all humankind!

In our disobedience and ingratitude, our God, You have not destroyed us, but have become for us—a defenceless infant…a humble labourer…a man murdered by Your chosen people. You have become for all time, food to be assimilated into the functions of the human body and soul of mere creatures, devout and lukewarm alike. You have become bread to be tabernacled in centuries of neglect before multitudes of unbelievers and of apathetic followers…cherished only by Your true friends.

Yet even these have not lived without offence against You, excepting one pure woman, chosen as Mother—for the Son did not enter our nature in resplendence as a magnificent adult. Rather, the Father humbly, through an Angel, sought permission of the sinless young virgin to accept Him as a helpless embryo!

What is this humility, this faith, this patience, this obedience, this compassion that You show us, infinite God! We are proud, stubborn, untrusting and wayward, yet Your mercy remains open to endless human insult, for within time it is always subject to our personal acceptance or rejection. Repeatedly, You reiterate Your love and mercy in our hearts and through other persons. You reiterate them through Scripture and ministry of the Church, source of grace, sacrament and wisdom established by the Son to fulfil His promise to remain always with us.

Our God, who are You who so loves His ungrateful, ignorant, unworthy creatures! Behold the humility of eternal, infinite God, to love and desire us who are enmeshed in egoism that alienates us from each other and You! We begin to suspect the smallness of our vision, the confusion of our understanding, and the flawed nature of our enthroned Reason, with its inability to cope with these unfathomable, paradoxical truths.

Should we, in contemplating such things, wonder at human suffering! We begin to appreciate Jesus’ warning that unless one becomes as a little child one cannot enter God. We also begin to understand some of the causes of difficulties within our human condition, of the conflicts and miseries of our world, and of the corruption of our society in social and personal injustice and discord.

We may regret or resent these global difficulties and evils, and our personal sufferings. We seek to evade them and to avoid discipline of our sensuality and materialism that bind us from the Spirit of God in our lives. We cling to our bonds although we are created for the freedom of eternal union with You our almighty Creator, despite the redeeming anguish, love, humility and submission of God incarnate in His forging of our bridge to You.

Yet should we not welcome that where You permit, we are tested in faith, labour and suffering to loosen excessive attachment to our limited mortal existence! Our need of You is often diverted into search for material satisfaction that increases our frustration and confirms our failure to love others and You truly.

When we choose against God, we curtail the working of Your grace in our lives. This choice draws disaster upon us in the form of injustice, intolerance, loneliness, immorality and war. If we then resent and blame You, we mock ourselves, because You owe us nothing, but offer all. Should it surprise us that sin brings retribution? Should we wonder why we endure natural disasters, when we betray the Creator of all things?



We are often aggrieved at the suffering of innocents, but answer lies in the racked body of the sinless Saviour. Jesus hangs dying in grief and pain to expiate the offences of all human persons for our eternal salvation. Through Jesus, lead us into childlike faith and cheerful daily acceptance of our vocations with their satisfactions and their difficulties.

Give us the spirit of the child whom You wish each to be as we say, “Here I am. Your will be done in and through me. Through Your Son, lead me beyond myself, beyond all created things, into Your infinite, loving self, in union with the communion of saints.”

Our God, as the consecrated bread is the infinite Son of God, yet is brittle, mutable wafer, so let me be one in You despite my frailty and unworthiness. Great God, Creator of all things, thank You for Your gifts of creation and existence, and for the mercy that restores Creation and eternal blessedness to Your difficult human creatures.

StarMaiden, I’m just trying to give you another perspective from a few of my writings just in case something says what you need, since I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life/spiritual life.

Thank you Trishie for sharing your writings with not only me but all who read this thread :slight_smile:

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death

Praying very hard for you, StarMaiden!

Hail Mary, full of Grace
The Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou amongst women
and Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Thank you all so much :slight_smile:

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