Please pray for me


Hi everyone, I have woken up with a really bad flu today, I have a number of assignments I need to get done for my college courses and on top of that tomorrow I have a day of reflection at the church to prepare for the right of acceptance as a new candidate in the RCC! I am feeling very ill and I really do not want to miss out on this next big step in my faith journey due to illness. If you could all say a prayer for my healing that would be wonderful. Thank you all so much.

God Bless



Praying that you feel better ...

Hail Mary
Full of grace
the Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb
Holy Mary
Mother of God
pray for us sinner now
and at the hour of our death.


Lord, please heal Rob from all of his major symptoms of the flu with a good night's rest, if that is possible and your will. Help his medicine to really do it's job, too, so he can be as relieved of his symptoms as possible for his big day tomorrow. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Amen.


Thank you for your prayers, my head ache is nearly gone now but I have a very slight fever and the chills. I hope that with a good nights rest and the grace of our lord that I will be feeling much better tomorrow.
Thanks again.

God Bless


Jesus please help Rob to recover quicly so that he is able to meet these commitments. Please help him to have peace of mind that will allow his system the best chance to recover. Bless him in all that he does, and stay by him in his journey.
Thank You, Lord


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