Please Pray for me....

My wife of 16 years left me and my children for another man on Jan-7 2005. She filed for divorce and went on her merry way. While I was away on a business trip 3 weeks ago, she moved back into my house took my kids, and claimed everything as hers.

Although I have legal rights to the home is it hopeless, she will not move. My preist tells me her boyfriend threw her out.

I filed three motions immediately to protect my property, but most importantly to regain custody of my two children and my home.

My hearing is on May-9, 2005. I pray every day, all day actually. I am exhorting others to pray as well.

I ask everone who has a minute to please pray that the judge will see the truth, that I will regain my children and home shortly after this hearing.

Thank you in advance for your prayers…

Feel free to send me a small note at if you have an inspired word for me. Thanks.

I will certinally pray!

A similiar thing happened to my brother I will pray for you and your kids.

wow - I will pray hard for you!

You and your family are in our prayers.

Praying for you and your family…

Will definitely keep you in our prayers.

I am praying for you right now. Keep us posted.


[quote=FrankR]I ask everone who has a minute to please pray that the judge will see the truth, that I will regain my children and home shortly after this hearing.QUOTE]

Dear Frank,

I pray for the return of peace and grace to your marriage, if it is at all possible, in this time of sorrow. I pray your wife will recover from what sounds like insanity, and that she be restored to your side, a new and gentle woman, in the sight of God and man.

I pray for the protection of your children and ask St. Michael, the arc angel, to guard them from all evil attacks.

I pray that Jesus will be with you in such a profound way, that you will rest, in His Heart, aware that all is in God’s hands and that you are loved.

I pray that the judge who will hear your case, will have open ears to the truth and conviction in his heart, to do what is right and just, in the sight of God and man.

I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

Peace to you my brother.

Your sister Elizabeth

I’ll be storming heaven with prayers for you, Frank. Prayers are very powerful and you have alot of people who care, praying for you.


You are in my prayers and special intentions.

May God grant you his grace and peace in the midst of this troubling time for you and your family. And may he grant that the right shall prevail, especially for the benefit of your children. God bless you. Please keep us updated, if you wish to.

You are in my prayers. May God give to you all that you seek.

Please be assured of my prayers for a peaceful and loving resolution to the situation, both to God and for the intercession of the army of saints on your behalf.

God bless,


we’re praying for you, frankr.


I’ll certainly remember you and your family in prayer, and I agree w/elizabeth4truth that your wife needs our prayers as well. Good luck to you May 9.

Dear Frank

I have said a little prayer for God’s will to be done in this situation that must be upsetting for all concerned.

God Bless you and your wife and family and much love and peace to you all


First of all… Thank you to all who have viewed this thread and said a prayer for me and my family. I can feel the prayers. Monday the 9th is a big day for me and I am praying that the Judge will give me the relief that I seek on that day.

My lawyer and I met on Wednesday. He was impressed with the amount and quality of documentation that I had to offer him, and I pray that he can deliver a strong, convincing argument on Monday. I will update all of you then.

Please, please continue to pray for my children and I. I continue to pray in the Holy name of Jesus, that each of you will be touched in some special way as a result of your prayers.

God Bless all of you, and thank you again.



My heart goes out to you and your children! I will pray for you. God is already taken care of you because you hand the mind to document everything. Please let us know what happens.


[quote=shannin]I am praying for you right now. Keep us posted.


Same here…May the peace of Christ remain always with you.

God Bless…

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