Please pray for me!

Hello, I am not sure where I am supposed to post this, but-
I have been struggling with the sin of masturbation, and I can’t stop.
I have prayed to Jesus, and I am 14 years of age (going through confirmation)
I went to confession around Christmas time, and I confessed sexual idolatry and lust, but I ended up doing it again. I am greatly ashamed, my parents have always taught me to do the right thing, and to go to mass and to love everyone and forgive people who have done wrong to me, but I can’t stop this sin.

Please pray for me so that this addiction will end.

Thank you so much. May god bless you.

Turn to God in a real way not just when you need something from him.
Seek him in your mind and heart and in your body.
Pray to give him glory upon waking and before going to bed.
Pray throughout the day as you move and breath.
Pray a novena to St. Joseph for purity in mind and body.
Pray a novena to Our Lady for help too!
Remember God’s great love for you always even in this sin.
Start reading and meditating on the Holy Scriptures.
Execise regularly and eat healthy foods to give you good and holy energy.
When thoughts come that tempt you simply return your mind to something else.
If your body starts having reactions for whatever reason it can be very difficult but try to place your trust in God and in the Blessed Virgin Mary to overcome them.
Try to walk away, literally, go for a walk out side.
Cold showers can sometimes prevent trouble too.
Avoid boredom and turn away from video games they occupy time that should be used for prayer and serving others.
If you do all this you will not have time to masturbate or you will be to tired to do so.
And yes I will pray for you too.
God bless you and your family!

Hi Adam,
We’ll be sure to pray for you. This is a sin all of us have encountered at least in one period of our life. See if you can go one day without doing it. Then try for two. Then try for three. So on and so forth. It will be hard and you will probably fail now and again. But guess what, God loves you and there is always confession. God will see you trying and eventually through the Holy Spirit and will power you will conquer this! We’ll be sure to pray for your victory!

Know that you are alone. Many have suffered from this terrible affliction, and you won’t be the last. Me included.

My advice?

Do not neglect the sacrament of reconciliation (confession). This is your lifeblood. Each and every time you commit the sin, go to confession. Try to go to the same priest regularly, someone you know and trust well and whom knows you in return.

Partake of the Eucharist as often as you can (though, not while you’re in the state of mortal sin).

Pray throughout the day for God to guide your thoughts to holiness and purity.

Limit your internet use. If you’re tempted to go to impure websites while online, it might be time to curb your use significantly. If you have a computer in your room, take it out. Put parental software on that prevents you from going to said websites.

Put pictures of saints and the Blessed Mother where you might be tempted to commit the sin.

And finally, DO NOT DESPAIR. If you find yourself committing the sin or in a state of mortal sin again, do not give up or despair. It is nearly impossible to quit cold turkey. It will be a long fight. But eventually you’ll see progress. You’ll regress from every day to once a week, to once every few weeks, to once every couple months, until finally you have self-mastery. Do not give up the battle.

I’ll be praying for you and all that may be suffering from this affliction!

Praying for you Adam …

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