please pray for me


I’m asking for prayers for a healing.

It pertains to healing my sexuality due to being a victim of child rape.





I’ll pray for you. God’s grace go with you as you heal. :thumbsup:


Pray for the intercession of all the saints in heaven, particularly St.Michael the Archangel and St.Maria Goretti. I am adding you to my prayer list as well.


God loves you Ella. He understands suffering and pain. I wish you well and will pray for you and ask you to do the same for me.


We see the horror of sin whenever we meditate on the passion of Christ. We see how God can use what Satan intends to destroy for His Glory, when we meditate on the Resurrection. God will use this cross to make you more beautiful and Christ like. I am speaking from experience, and sometimes it will seem like things are getting worse before they get better. Trust him. PM me if you’d like.


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