Please Pray for me...

I have recently…well within the last year…come to realize that I was sexually abused as a child…and coming up is a family get together…I have not faced my father since I’m had some really bad memories. I am terrified to go…

Be strong and know that everyone here will be praying for you.

You are NOT alone!!!

Go with GOD!!!

St. Dymphna, please pray for WoundedChild.
St. Philomena, please pray for WoundedChild.
St. Maria Goretti, please pray for WoundedChild.
St. Agnes of Rome, please pray for WoundedChild.
St. Agatha of Sicily, please pray for WoundedChild.

May God give you strength. May He bless you with the graces you need in your life. And may genuine forgiveness & love reign in all your familial relationships.

I will be praying for today. Please consider that you do NOT have to be around your father if he has sexually abused you. It may give you some clarity to speak to your priest and also ask him for a recommendation of a good therapist. God Bless

PRAYING for you.

If I may say so, I agree with a previous post that wrote you do not have to be around your Dad who sexually abused you. Also please talk to your priest if you think that you should. The Priest will offer you great comfort and understanding.

I do not have scripture to quote my opinion but I would think that our Lord would not want you to continue to put yourself in a suffering state. Each Time that you see your abuser you relive it, over and over.

We must think of ourselves first. Why do you feel that you must go? Do you think that if you are there that somehow, some magical way you will realize that this never happen?

If you had a child who was sexually abused by a stranger, would you expect or attempt to push that child in to seeing the abuser a few times a year? My guess is that you would keep your child as far away as you could.
This is no different and DO NOT feel as if you owe your Dad anything.

YOU deserve it, surely not him.

This is only my opinion and others may disagree

Praying for your intention…

I’m so sorry that happened to you! It’s horrifying that you had to go through this. I went through an experience, not as a child but as a teenager. Listen, no one can take away that fear, they have no right to. It’s hard, God I know it’s hard. And I know it’s scaring you to the core but you need to put your trust in the Lord. Trust that everything will be o.k., that you are a child of God and that your father can’t hurt you anymore. Put your trust in God and he will not let any harm come to you. Talk to your priest as well, he can give you words of encouragement. Also, hard as it may be, pray to God that you’ll be able to find forgiveness in your heart. It’s horrible what your dad did and only YOU have the power to forgive him. Pray for forgiveness in your heart and for your dad’s salvation. What he did was rotten but he’s still a child of God.
I’ll be praying for you that you will remain strong in God, be able to face your father, and that you’ll find healing and forgiveness. Also best thing to do is talk to him as little as possible and if you feel too uncomfortable and have to leave; don’t let your family get to you, they don’t know what you’ve gone through.
Keep your head up!

Thank you all so much!

I am in therapy…its just that it is stirring up so much as more comes out of my memories. I have talked with my priest…in confession as I really started drinking heavily when this started to come out. Truth be told…it’s a struggle right now not to go that route again.

What I can manage is praying for my dad’s reconciliation with God. I have to set a daily reminder and I don’t really want to do it…but I do.

I am going for my uncle who really wants everyone there…and how do I tell him no without telling everyone? I just am terrified at the pit of my stomach…and this latest therapy session really just stirred up a lot more. I am just really scared about it all…so prayers to help me get through it would be most helpful.

If you don’t want to tell your uncle the real reason why, and you still feel afraid about going, you could make up a reason for your uncle. An illness?

If your uncle knew, do you think he would want you to subject yourself to this? Think about yourself first here. Your healing is more important.

I am praying for you also. ((((Hugs)))

Praying for you and your father …

Praying hard for you and your entire family. Angels and Saints, please join us in praying.

Praying for you.

Orans pro omnibus

qui es in caelis,
sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Adveniat regnum tuum.
Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
et dimitte nobis debita nostra
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem,
sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

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