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Glory to Jesus Christ! Now and forever!

I live in Jakarta Indonesia. There is no Eastern Catholic yet here. There are Latin Catholic and Eastern Orthodox here. Currently i am a Latin Catholic (Roman Catholic). And since no Eastern Catholic hierarchs here then I presented my petition to have Juridiction Transfer sent to the Papal Congregation for Eastern Churches.

By the order of the Papal Congregation for Eastern Churches, the Apostolic Nuncio has asked me to meet him by this tuesday, 12 Feb 2013, to talk about the petition.

I have no clue about what will be talked in the personal meeting. Well, the petition might be granted, or it might be freezed until next chance, or it might be rejected.

Therefore, please would you mind remembering me in your prayers and Liturgies. Please pray so the meeting would be succesful, and the petition could be granted.

Thank you,

David “Seraphion” :thumbsup:

Im agustinus and im Indonesian and Catholic lives in Lipo Karawaci near Jakarta also.
Perhaps i can help you and pray for you also. I will message you my phone number.


This may be helpful in your interview. For transfer of ritual church, there are:

  1. sufficient reasons:
  • Unification of Church sui iuris in a family (mother, father).
  • Return to the Church sui iuris of one’s ancestors.
  • Spouse who wishes to transfer for peace and unity in the home.
  • Physical or moral impossibility by permanent circumstances to use one’s own Church sui iuris.
  • Domicile and or activity among those who are almost all of another Church sui iuris.
  • Entry into religious life under different Church sui iuris.
  • Incardination to serve different Church sui iuris.
  1. insufficient reasons:
  • Education, attending school or church or sacraments, in another Church, or ignorance of own Church sui iuris with good knowledge of other Church sui iuris.
  • Good for the soul (because all churches are good for the soul).
  • Defects in a Church (because all churches are have defects).
  • Peace of mind or conscience cannot be judged.

Already we follow our own Church sui iuris rules concerning:

  • Sarcamental discipline for baptism, confirmation, first confession, first communion, marriage, holy orders, anointing
  • May receive Mysteries of Holy Confession and Holy Eucharist in any Church sui iuris
  • Contribute to the support of universal Church and own Church sui iuris.
  • Holy days and penitential seasons *
  • Fast and abstinance *
  • inter-ritual marriages of multiple ritual church Catholics may follow one or another.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death

St. Jude, pray for this person!

For my case, it would be :

  • I can relate myself to EC (Eastern Catholic).
  • I know that all sui iuris Churches are good, and I choose to be an EC. I choose to live the EC as my way to love God.
  • I want to be an Eatern Christian, while keep maintaining full communion with Roman Pope.
  • About serving Lord as an ordained, I keep open my mind. If there is opportunity, and God wills it, why not.
  • I have a call to introduce EC to people (since still many people don’t know yet about EC), I feel I am already an EC by heart, being solider and empathy with EC brothers and sisters. Some of my friends and I have some FB pages and a blog to promote EC especially to Indonesians. Please visit : "Katolik Timur" page in FB, or “Mengenal Gereja Katolik Melkit”. Blog :
  • I have already prayed for years to ask God what His will is. I always go back to EC as the destination. Too much “signs” i met in my life that God wills it. It is a part of long process.
  • EC as an Eastern Christian is “fit” with Indonesians and Asia. Since Indonesians and Asia are Easterners. It is easier for us here to receive Eastern Christianity. EC is very important and essential for evangelisation in Asia.



Update :

The meeting took 1 hour long. It was a very good meeting. His Excellency Apostolic Nuncio interviewed me and addressed many questions. He said it was good, and will send report ASAP to the Papal Congregation for Eastern Churches.

Many thanks for your prayers.

David “seraphion”

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