Please Pray For Me


hi, im hearing voices and they wont go away, they follow me whereever i go, i try to do everything to make them go away but they still seem to be there, i know its only in my head and the rest of the world around me is not feeling the way i am, i go in the hospital, whereever i go i keep hearing them, please pray for me that mind will be like cleaned/washed by the hands of God, thank you, kevin g


You’re in my prayers - may Our Lord and Our Lady watch over you. :crossrc:

Get help, NOW. IF there are doctors already looking after you tell them the voices aren’t going away. It may be you need to try medication, or a different kind or dose of medication.


You are in my prayers. May God send you quick and efficient help!


yeah i read the bible and that doesnt make em go away, i watch the catholic or christian channels and they still wont go away, i try to listen to soft soothing music and they are still bothering me, i pray and they dont go away, its really hard to deal with, i cant set my mind on something without thinkin about what these voices are saying to me, theyre talking to me like im 2 years old and still in diapers, its crazy, i really need some prayers, and i really really really appreciate it


You need more than prayers or reading the bible. You need to go to a doctor right away.


ok i will call my psychiatrist today, its hard, real hard to deal with


Call the psychiatrist straight away if you can. In the meantime you have my prayers, and call a counselling helpline (some of them are free calls) or your nearest hospital if it gets worse.


I will pray for you.




Praying. If I can make a suggestion, please see your priest.

God bless


:console: I am SO sorry. This must be a very difficult cross to carry. Know that you are VERY close to Jesus right now, even if you have never felt further away.

God loves you SO very much, it is those who suffer the most, who feel the furthest away from Him, that are, in actuality, the closest to Him! :yup: The Saints and Scripture tell us that.

Take it one day at a time. Let us know how you are doing. Thank you for posting, I know that must also have been very difficult to do. You are in my thoughts and prayers. :crossrc:

God bless you and Mary keep you! :signofcross:


We are praying for you health and safety. Please seek counseling from a professional and may God protect you and give you peace from all ills of mind and body. God Bless.


I will pray for you. You may find Psalm 91 comforting.

As others have said, I would recommend you call a professional immediately as well as a priest who can pray some spiritual deliverance prayers with you.

May the Lord bless you, comfort you, and heal you of all afflictions, spiritual or physical.


thank you for your prayers, i feel good and restored back to normal, i will continue taking my medicine because i got a mental disorder so i gotta get the chemicals in my mind evened out


Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Continued prayers for you :crossrc:


yeah i really appreciate it:thumbsup:


I am so glad that you are taking yours meds! I am praying for you…


Praise God you are healing and recovering! You are still in my thoughts and prayers! :slight_smile:

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