Please pray for missing man & his family


When I came online tonight, I had an urgent prayer request from a very dear friend in my emails.
Her godson, Glenn, has been missing for several days. He is separated from his wife, they have a 3 year old daughter…His mother is besides herself.
The last person to see Glenn has told several different stories to family members & to the police…
Maggi, my friend, asked to please ask people to pray for the whole situation, for Glenn, for his family, & especially for the authorities that are trying to find him…
At this point thing s are not looking good, I ask for prayer for all concerned, & for Maggi, who is greatly distraught over this young man.
Thank you & God bless.


Oh dear :frowning:

My prayers for them to the Blessed Virgin who lost her own son twice - once in the Temple and again at his Crucifixion.


I just got an email titled “Praise God” in all caps!!
Glenn had been held captive for 3 days. He was being drugged in his only source of drinking water. Today, he came to, with no captors in sight…His truck was left there, & he was able to drive himslef back home.
What a wonderful answer to prayer!! He is doing well, reunited with his family & friends. Praise God indeed!!


Praise to the Lord!


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