Please pray for Mom who is at Dr. for emergency visit

Please pray for my mom, who lost her husband earlier this year, and who now is at a doctor getting an emergency examination due to one dilated pupil that won’t retract. She also had a black eye the day before the dilation, which may mean bleeding.
Thanks to all for your prayers.

I wil say a prayer for her.:gopray2:


With my prayers - Joe.

May this woman who has suffered the loss of her husband please find healing and comfort during the health crisis she is now facing. Lord, hear our prayer.:gopray2:

Praying :crossrc:

Thank you all so much, it is greatly appreciated. :heart: She didn’t have to go into emergency surgery as was feared but she does need to see a specialist on Friday.

I’ve asked for so much from you all big and small but since this is a continuance of need, please pray for Mom who has had an MRI regarding her eye and health problems.
No word yet on what could be causing her problems but praying it is not life-threatening.
Thank you.

Still praying Jennifer. :gopray:

Still praying.


still praying

still praying

She’s in my prayer, Jennifer.
God bless.

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