Please pray for mother of baby drowned in 'freak' accident

My heart goes out to this mother. A week ago a woman who was out with her young baby in a pusher, had stopped to take a mobile phonecall and turned around to find her baby was gone. She frantically looked for the child, thinking it had been kidnapped only to find 15 minutes later, that the pram had gone into a nearby river and the 5month old baby had drowned. Apparently because the riverbank was so overgrown with grass, the baby and pusher made no sound when it went into the water.
This was her first child and I cannot stop thinking about how tragic this is and how devastated she and her husband would be. She apparently kept repeating, 'I should have put the brake on…'
They would be organising a funeral this week while the rest of us are preparing for Christmas… and it would have been her son’s first Christmas.
I can imagine the grief that would fill her, especially when it was such a ‘freak’ accident as it seemed the the path to the river was fairly flat.
I have a beautiful 15mo and could imagine how terrible it would be to lose him.
Please pray for this woman and her husband. It must be heartbreaking for them and from what I know, they are not religious. It would be hard enough to cope with but much harder without a faith in God and the comfort of knowing the child was in heaven.

I’ll pray…

Absolutely will pray–may God heal and console her and her family; they will have a little saint in heaven now watching over them.

How horrible! :frowning:

I will pray for this family. It seems unlikey that the mom will ever be the same. How would her heart heal from such a terrible tragedy?

I’ll pray for the mom and dad. Do you have names for us to pray for?

The mother’s name was Kerry Lucas and her husband is Wesley Legrande. The little baby’s name was Leonardo.
He was buried yesterday. A civil service. It was front page news here in South Australia. It’s so heartbreaking.
Thankyou all, I’m sure they will need the prayers.
God Bless

Prayers for all involved. This is so sad.

Praying here. Thank you for the invitation to pray.

How sad…Please suggest to both husband and wife (if they are Catholic), priestly counselling. The family is in my prayers. :gopray:

Here’s the link to the story:

Horrible, cruel tragedy…this poor woman will be tortured for the rest of her life over one moment’s distraction. She and her innocent little babe will be in my prayers today.

Maybe I’m cynical, but this story sounds very, very fishy to me! Why on earth would the mother stop and turn away from the push chair with the baby in it to take a phonecall? I can understand stopping to get the phone out of a handbag, or something. But to turn her back on the child?

And then there’s the part that the riverbank was overgrown with grass - surely that would slow down and even stop a run-away push chair?

Doesn’t sound kosher to me. I hope I’m wrong.

They ruled out all kinds of foul play. No post natal depression or anything of the like. It was one of those terrible freak accidents where you ask a thousand questions of why, and she’s probably asking herself exactly the same questions.
‘Why didn’t I put the break on… why did I turn away… why didn’t I look in the river first…’…
I’m sure all of us with children could identify with her, those moments when you took your eyes off your children/child for a second and just by the Grace of God, nothing tragic happened.
This time it did and I think she will pay the consequences of her momentary lapse for the rest of her life.
The police re-enacted the tragedy 5 times and every time the pram behaved exactly the way she said it did. It silently fell into the river with the baby strapped in.
There is nothing here but a heartbreaking chain of events that will haunt this poor mother and father for the rest of their lives. They need God’s grace and prayers to get through this.

I do not personally know the couple so I cannot suggest couselling, but I’m sure they will get it. They are not religious as far as I know but maybe this will turn their sorrowing hearts to God, as only He can comfort them.

:gopray: :gopray: :gopray:

The same thought did cross my mind.

The woman was an athlete and was out jogging. That means that she had a jogging stroller. I had one. The wheels are huge so that one can go quickly without the thing tipping over. They move very easily and quietly. There is also a strap to connect to the pusher’s wrist so that the carriage can’t get away from you.

This mom did more than turn her back.

However, my oldest daughter nearly died when I put her into a stroller and didn’t strap her in. It was one of those where an infant carrier snaps into the stroller. I laid her in the infant carrier and started walking. We hit a bump and the stroller stopped abruptly, tilting forward. If I had gone any faster, she would have fallen out and her head smashed on the sidewalk.

We all do stupid things. Sometimes it tragic, sometimes we are blessed, My baby had her guardian angel on high alert that day!!!

May God help her to cope with this trauma, I don’t think she or her husband will ever get over it this side of Heaven, I know I wouldn’t, too horrible to contemplate, may God Bless them.

Here’s a link to the news story. It’s truly a tragedy.,23739,20939853-5007190,00.html

Prayers sent up.


We all sure do dtuppid things. I had a stroller fold up on my kid one time because it didn’t lock open.

I just thought it was odd she’d turn her back for a phone call. I think I watch too much Law and Order.

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