Please pray for much needed peace in our lives and marriage

Please pray for me, my husband and our marriage. Please pray that God will give me the grace to change and be the person He wants me to be. My anger and inability to control my emotions is causing so much trouble in my life. And my husband’s inabiltiy to forgive puts a wall up between us.
Everything is so hard at the moment, and I am feeling very depressed. I need peace.
Thank you.
God bless

Praying for you both.

Praying, Jules. I know that marriage can be so hard sometimes. Been there myself. :hug1:

Lord bring peace- love- joy into their hearts and their marriage . Thank you lord , in Jesus’s name , amen . Peace be with you , amen . / John

my husband and I have had similar problems to what you’ve explained. Hang in there and do alot of praying with all your heart and devotion and our Lord will hear you:gopray: :gopray2: . That is exactly what go us through the hard times. I have seen drastic/positive changes in our marriage thanks and glory to God.

I am praying for you.

Praying for you and your husband…

Praying for you now!! Try saying the Hail Mary 10 times when you are angry. Not out loud, just sit back and recite it in your head until the anger cools off. His wall will break and you will relax.


Thank you all. I always know I can rely on my wonderful friends on here. My penance today was to be civil and nice to my husband and as hard as this is when I feel wronged, I am doing it! SO hard. But thank you for your prayers and advice. I really appreciate it!

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