Please pray for my 15 yo niece & her baby


I just heard from my sister that her 15 year old daughter, my niece, is pregnant. She is going to keep the baby, thank God!, but she now has a difficult road ahead.

Thank you.




I just found this intention, and I will pray for them.


I will pray for her and her precious little baby. How wonderful that she is giving the baby life!


Thanks both of you. She is definately in need of prayers.




:gopray2: I will pray for them. God bless you all.


:gopray2: Prayers are on the way.


I’ll pray for them.


I will certainly pray for them. I hope someone will talk to her about what a loving and generous option adoption is.


I will add my prayers


I will also pray for your niece and her unborn baby, may the Blessed Virgin be her guide through these times!


I will certainl say a prayer.




Your niece is very courageous! :slight_smile: Praying… :gopray2:


I will pray for your niece and her baby.


Prayers to our Holy Mother during adoration today


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