Please pray for my boyfriend's conversion process


Hi everyone. I have a new boyfriend now. His name is Jason. He’s currently a Mormon but he agreed to become Catholic so that we can get married. Please pray for his conversion process that it would not take too long and that it would be easy for him.


Holly that sound’s great! Yes, I’ll keep him and you in my prayers. Lord Jesus please grant Darrell a genuine and faithful conversion to the Catholic faith.


Actually, it is Jason who is converting to Catholicism. Darrell is a liberal Christian, not a Mormon. :wink: :slight_smile:


Just bumping this up so more people will pray for him.




Thank you 244Rocket.


Lord, bless this couple abundantly with your love. Help Jason grow into the best Catholic ever. Thank you for finding someone for Holly, Lord. May Holly and Jason grow together as a couple into the most perfect Catholic couple and bring you great joy over their good Christian lives. Bless them, and be ever close by their sides with everything they do, think and say. Amen.


Thank you ready for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

Everyone, please continue to pray for his conversion process. I believe he is signing up for RCIA today. :D:thumbsup:




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