Please Pray for my Brother

My youngest brother and his wife have embraced the false promises of Neo-Paganism. I have cosidered my family a Christian family in the past but now I fear for his soul because he has been seduced by Wicca. Please pray for his conversion.

Carl, I can imagine a little of your sadness, especially as we approach Christmas. Even if it takes time, with your loving prayers, and our ‘amen’, your brother will in the end come back to Jesus

God bless you.
Love, Trishie
A hug

Carl, I can relate. My friend is also turning to the fallacies of Wicca. My cousin is like a bad dream where Gnostic beliefs, New Age beliefs, conspiracy theories, Mormonism, Catholicism, & Scientology are bound into one.

I pray that they they may all be delivered and repent.

~~ God Bless.

Praying for your brother.:signofcross:

will pray for your brother and ask st pio to sort him out

What a difficult time this is for you to see your brother going through this…I’m praying very hard for you and for your brother. What amazing love you must have for him to post this prayer request. May God help your brother and lead him back into HIS Light…I am keep you both in my prayers.

A good way to reach out to them and be charitable is to learn about Wiccanism. That way you can discuss religion with them and be for them Christ. Only God can lead them back, and there are times when He permits His sons to go astray so they can find Him and never leave Him again - kind of like the Song of Songs. Pray and be for your family an imitator of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I generally don’t like to read about paganism. i see it as opening a door for the Devil, and I wouuld prefer not let him in.

Praying for your family…

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