Please pray for my daughter: car accident complications


She’s really my BF’s daughter but I love her like she’s mine. We had an auto accident 2 weeks ago. She was wearing her seat belt but the lap part of the seat belt really jarred her insides. She had to have part of her large and small intestine taken out. She was recovering very well and is at home. All of a sudden on Wednesday she started to be sick. She was a little better yesterday but today she can’t hold anything down, like her digestive system isn’t working. They may readmit her to the hospital today. She’s only 13. Please pray for her to heal and to get well. Her father needs prayer also for strength. He was driving and even though the wreck wasn’t his fault, he feels as though it is.


will do






I will…

.let us know how shes doing.


Prayers really work!! She was excellent this weekend. She ate like there was nothing wrong, she felt wonderful. Thanks ya’ll for the prayers.


Praise God for His healing touch. Glad to hear your positive news.


Praise God! Thank you Jesus! May she continue to recover well and have no more setbacks. May her father find peace in this situation and may all the Holy Angels bless and protect us and all who are on the road. Amen!


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