Please pray for my daughter


I posted this in the Prayer Intentions forum but I’m going to post it here also:
Please pray for my daughter.
She’s really my BF’s daughter but I love her like she’s mine. We had an auto accident 2 weeks ago. She was wearing her seat belt but the lap part of the seat belt really jarred her insides. She had to have part of her large and small intestine taken out. She was recovering very well and is at home. All of a sudden on Wednesday she started to be sick. She was a little better yesterday but today she can’t hold anything down, like her digestive system isn’t working. They may readmit her to the hospital today. She’s only 13. Please pray for her to heal and to get well. Her father needs prayer also for strength. He was driving and even though the wreck wasn’t his fault, he feels as though it is.


will be praying for her…




I’ll pray for her recovery.


She and her dad and the entire family are in my prayers. May Our Lady hold you tight.


Praying. :gopray2:


I will pray for her at Mass tomorrow.

  • praying *


Thanks for the prayers. She was her old self this weekend, moving good, eating good. I am so grateful for all of you.


Still praying for her continued healing and Dad’s heart to heal as well.:wink: My husband accidentally tangled his leg with our 2 year old son’s leg in a grocery store and they both went down resulting in a bad tib/fib fracture for our little one. My husband was emotionally wrecked for quite some time after that.


I dont believe my prayers have been used up yet and will gladdly offer all I have left to help…

I will get my friends as well to offer up thiers as well.


Praying for the entire family, but especially for her healing.


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