Please pray for my faith


Please pray for me because I’m going through difficult times. I sometimes feel lots of doubts and sometimes I have the impression that God is just too far away, which even makes the first problem worse. I have swings between times when I can’t even get myself to pray and times when I feel like falling flat on the floor before Jesus. It bothers me a lot.

Also, if possible, please pray so that I overcome the feeling embarrassment of openly discussing my faith (it’s something that I find hard to overcome because it’s been embedded in me from childhood).

Also, any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you all and God bless you!


I pray that even in these dark and troubled moments, you find comfort in God and know that He is always there, watching and waiting for you. He is a God that will not fail.


I understand how you feel, and I pray that you find your way back to God for good.:slight_smile:


** The Holy Dormition of the Mother of God**

O Mother of God, in giving birth  	you still preserved virginity and in falling-asleep You did not forsake the  	world. You are the Mother of Life and have been transferred to life, and  	through your prayers have delivered our souls from death.   	*(Troparion for August ** 	15)*



I’ve seen many of your posts and been proud to post alongside you on many topics. You do well with your apologetics and charity, and with time I think you’ll gain the confidence that you seem to lack right now.

As for doubts and difficulties; know that I will include you in my prayers from now on.

Remember, even the apostle St. Thomas had doubts, but look at his powerful confession (in my signature) when they were overcome by Our Lord.
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John 20:28 respondit Thomas et dixit ei Dominus meus et Deus meus.

28 Thomas answered, and said to him: My Lord, and my God.
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Please know that you are in my prayers. Do not waste your suffering and difficulties. Offer them to the Lord and spend as much time in front of the Blessed Sacrament as you can.

God bless.


You started here, why not try being a prayer warrior? Sometimes praying for others helps you to develop a sense of boldness in your spiritual life. On top of that, one more prayer never hurts. Will pray for you


Thank you very much, all of you. Thank you for the prayers and kind words. :slight_smile:


A crisis of Faith/feeling can be very hard to endure- and confusing. It is a passing over from loving God for what the love of God can do for you, to loving God simply because God is God. Things do settle down and all is not so painful and a newer journey begins and with consolations of its own. God be with you and grant you strength and courage and constant Faith always…
Will keep you in prayer…


I will pray that God strengthens you in your faith, and that the Holy Spirit gives you the words to spread the Gospel of Christ. I also suggest Psalm 42 to use in prayer. May our Lord’s peace be with you always!


Praying for you.


Gandal I know the feeling. Will keep you in my prayers!

God bless




Praying for you. :gopray:


I’m praying for you.

The suggestion that poster Mahleh made is a good one: consider becoming a prayer warrior. Prayer is communication with God; and communicating with a loved One is the best way to strengthen the relationship.

God bless.


Yes, I also think it’s a good idea and I already applied. :slight_smile:

To everybody, thank you for your prayers! I was wondering what you think of such times that I’m currently comming through? Are they normal? Do you think they are directly caused by Satan?

Well, I just can’t stop thinking that Satan is trying to get me although I’m not sure. It’s almost as if some external force tried to tell me that I’m wrong by posing the question: “what if…?” all the time. Today I went to mass and it was a wonderful experience. I arrived earlier and prayed before the tabernacle on the second altar. Then I was so glad to receive the Eucharist, being sure that it is body and blood of Christ. But later on it started again. “What if you are wrong?” “What if you’re imagining things?” “What if you are wasting your time?” This is pain is getting worse than physical pain. I would love to speak to a priest but I’m on holiday in a foreign country.

Sorry if I sound like I’m whining but I just need to get it off my chest. :frowning:

Once again, thatnk you for praying! :o


Dear GandalfTW, At times we just cannot know who or what is going on inside of us…rest assured God will not allow you to be tempted or any other matter that is beyond your strength in His Grace, which is with you. It is impossible for Satan to be stronger in any way at all than God and His Grace. Try to trust God and be in Peace - pray to Mary who is a great great defense against temptations and the wiles of Satan, along with St. Michael. When you get home if still worried, speak to a priest.
The only other thing I can think of is to ask in the diocesan Catholic offices in whatever country you may be holidaying if there is a priest who speaks English.
Faith and resting in our Faith peacefully can be a very painful at first complete walk in darkness…we can feel nothing at all, can be tempted to disbelieve and even to despair. This is simply a lack of consolation…“my ways are not your ways, said the Lord”. Jesus we trust You!

Blessings and regards and may The Lord support, guide and strengthen you…Barb:)
Our Lady of Victories,
guide, guard and protect us


Dear Gandalf the White,

As far as sharing your faith in public, pray to St. Michael the Archangel to strengthen you for the spiritual battle.

Back when I used to go by the name of Gandalf the Grey, a Protestant who was also active on the Lord of the Rings forums once told me her opinion that the fictional character of Gandalf had much in common with St. Michael.

Praying for you,

~~ the phoenix


I’m praying for you this very minute!!

May I suggest that if you are embarrassed to discuss your faith openly then maybe you need to renew your faith… Attend RCIA classes again.

I just became Catholic on Easter and I’m so excited that I’m telling everyone…My husband is a cradle catholic and I have now taught him several things about what the Catholic faith is all about…

Now I’m not embarrassed to discuss our faith with anyone, I can sure give others some things to ponder on…

You are blessed to be Catholic…and if you feel God is far away and you are looking for him…just look at the nearest tree, the clouds, the face of a sleeping baby, maybe in the mirror…he is everywhere.

God bless:angel1:


Lord intervene in this man Gandalf’s life . He needs your guiding hand Father ! Lord show him that you are always with him and he has nothing to fear . Strengthen him and build his faith dear Lord ! Thank you , in the name of Jesus ! amen , Gandalf do not feel lost , nor discouraged , the lord leads your way and he is by your side ! , John

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