Please pray for my family and I.


My husband and I have been trying for another little one for a while now. Please pray we are blessed with another child as soon as it is Our Lord’s will. Our arms ache for another child.


:gopray:I am praying for the loving intercession of our Lady of Guadalupe, who, as you probably know, is the miraculous image of Mary while she was expecting her Son.
May her love surround you and your family.


This is beautiful!! I will pray for you tonight. God Bless!


May the Lord bless you with a child. May you have a child worthy of your time and love. May the Lord give you the grace for such a wonderful blessing.


Dear Mrs_V…Will pray daily for a succesful and healthy pregnancy for you and your hubby. May The Holy Spirit ever support and guide you in God’s Will…I pray your arms will soon cease their longing aching…God Bless you and yours - Barb


Praying that God will bless you with a child.


Praying for you.


Praying for you and your husband…




Please come join us in our Novena for Motherhood for the families on the Catholic Answers Forum! :slight_smile:


For Motherhood
O good Saint Gerard, powerful intercessor before God and Wonderworker of our day, I call upon thee and seek thy aid. Thou who on earth didst always fulfill God’s designs, help me to do the holy Will of God. Beseech the Master of Life, from Whom all paternity proceedeth, to render me fruitful in offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the Kingdom of His Glory in the world to come. Amen.


I will pray that you and your husband are blessed with another little one soon. :thumbsup:

God Bless!


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