Please pray for my family


Our daugher who is living with her boyfriend and now has 2 children with him is really worrying me. Not only has she chosen to live outside of marriage but also the boyfriend is on probation for traffic viloations and eluding the police which he has now violated his probation and the police are looking for him, so she is now helping to keep him away from the law because he will go to jail for 6 months to a year however if he does not get this resolved it will then turn into a felony and she will be arrested for harboring a fugitive. The other day the police came to our house and my mother who lives with us answered the door but was unable to tell where they now since she has not been over there yet. I told our daughter that if he does not take care of this she is placing her self in danger of losing her children. I am at my wits end this whole situation.:eek:




I am sorry for your situation and I will remember you in my prayers… but you have done the right things here… she is an adult and is making bad decisions. All you can do is point it out to her that she could lose the kids over something as stupid as traffic violations if she helps him evade the police and pray for the whole family…

Do you ever see the father of her kids? I would have a talk with him about manning up and taking his punishment so it doesn’t come to involve your daughter or grandchildren… don’t know what else to say… prayers for you and yours…


We have spoken with him however he does not listen and she is pretty much under his “spell” for loss of a better word. She says they won’t get married because they do not want to have to worry about the cost of a divorce. My wife just looked at her in total disbelief at what she had just heard. She has rejected all teaching of her faith etc… I and many others have pointed out to her that what she is doing can not only endanger her physically in this world but her own soul but she just rejects it all. :mad:


I will be praying for you. I know it is hard to just sit back and watch these things happen and you can’t really do anything. Maybe just offer a helping hand if it ever comes to you needing to take care of the kids if they are taken away. Maybe they could use some financial assistance as well since he is not paying the tickets, but I dont’ know their situations. And of course even if you did help out financially he would still have to change as not to create this whole mess again with more tickets. Sounds like he just needs some maturing and to learn some responsibility. Prayer prayer prayers are going your way!


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