Please, pray for my family

I’m not going to go into detail, but I could swear to you that Satan himself has been on my family lately. See, my dad invented this thing, and he believes, as does the rest of the family, that it is something that God wants him to bring to the world (there are various reasons why, including a few miracles of bringing people back to the Church).

Anyways, its been almost ten years since we started this, and have yet to make a single dollar of profit. We’ve had a few investments, but that is all that has kept our family going. My dad was working a steady job before starting this company, and even during the beginning, but that didn’t last long (again for reasons I won’t go into, his former employers are not the most stand-up people you’ll meet).

Financially this have gotten worse and worse over the years, this past year has been a series of “monthly miracles” as my parents have come to call them. Where out of the blue, just at the end of the month, when we can’t afford to pay our bills, something happens and we get through. My dad has tried to get another job, but like I said, its weird, there were jobs that he was incredibly qualified for. One job, it was a teaching job, was for a distance learning moral theology course for deacons, he is a deacon, has been teaching moral theology for years, and built the nations top distance learning program from the ground up (that was his previous job). The other applicants didn’t come close, and the employer even told my dad to expect a phone call in a few days…no one ever called, we don’t even know why. Several things like this have happened.

This month, things are worse then they have ever been. My parents won’t let us know how bad things are, but when I got my check from work a few days ago (I work some odd hours here and there), for just over $200, my mom mentioned that I had more then she did…and we are a family of 9. honestly I don’t know exactly how bad things are…but they’re bad.

There are some venture capitalists that have been looking at my fathers company recently, and may be able to invest a significant amount. Enough to pay my father all his backpay (God only knows the last paycheck he was able to cash), get our family out of debt, and really launch the company into a running business. But this wouldn’t be the first time something like this fell through and didn’t work out, but even if they did invest, with the holidays coming I don’t know when they would be able to get us the money.

The bottom line is, my entire family has placed our lives on hold, have sacrificed immeasurably, and are in some serious trouble. I have to believe that God will help us through, but its never been this bad before, and I have no idea whats going to happen come the end of the year.

Keeping up appearances has always been big with my family, most people think we are doing very well financially. So I have never shared this with anyone. But please, if you find a moment, pray for my family, especially as the end of the year approaches.

I’m so sorry - prayers to you and your family.

Let me assure you that I will pray for your family…been there done that…I have worked for myself for the past 30 years…trust me a regular job with regular hours and a regular paycheck is much better. If you have venture capitalist looking at your dads venture it may have some merit, just watch those guys though…My brother started a home business from scratch it was a gourmet dog biscut company (The first in the nation), and mushroomed it into a multi million dollar industry. He was on the Oprah show, made the cover of Forbes Magazine, authored several books, constantly on the news, had a program on the food network, and on and on. He got involved with some high rollers and they just ruined the company…they are still making money but my brother is now tied to a job as spokesman for thier company he dosen’t even own it any more.

My husband and I are self-employed. We have walked in your family’s shoes, and continue to do so.

I would never wish for another family to have to experience this, but think of your family being the gold that is purified by fire.

You are all in my prayers.

I will pray for you

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