Please Pray for My Family

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. My husband and I are blessed with eight month old twins, but we have been experiencing a lot of problems lately-job loss, medical problems, financial problems, and trouble with in-laws. It is very hard to stay positive and I get very discouraged and depressed a lot.

Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me.

kmarko2, I pray you and your family come through these tough times together and stronger for it.

God bless.

We understand struggles as well. PM if you want to talk (or your husband, I can give you my wife’s name on the forums if that would help).

I will pray for you, your husband and your babies in my holy hour today.


I pray for you and your family, and hope your situation changes. :gopray:

You and your family are in my prayers.

Life can be difficult at times and that is why our hope is in the Lord. I will say a prayer for you today that you will handle life’s difficulties with love and peace. Hang in there!! You can’t imagine how much God loves you!


May your fears and anxieties soon be comforted by God and all those who pray for your well being. May your days ahead bring you brighter blessings with those twins. Keep strong in your faith and God Bless.


Thank you everyone for keeping my family in your prayers. It really means a great deal to us and we already feel stronger and more positive.
God bless

Praying for your family!

Prayers for you! :console: I can understand what you are going through, just a little. We have had terrible financial and medical struggles this year. In fact the medical struggles cause most of the financial struggles. :rolleyes:

I could not imagine what it is like to undergo these struggles with two small children. :frowning:

God bless and keep you and yours! :slight_smile:

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