Please Pray For My Family


Please pray that my husband will become Catholic and allow me to baptize the children in the faith. I have been trying for many years to get him back into Catholicism (he is more Baptist oriented although a cradle Catholic) and have done my homework as well, reading apologetics and calvin, luther, etc etc, history of the early church, early christianity, hidden manna…blah blah blah and doing cross comparisons (my favorite being “Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical”) He has taken me to many churches, but I always end up feeling like what is a church without communion? and many churches just don’t have communion or they have it once in a blue moon to keep it special…??? (do you withhold kisses to your children because they are too special?) but anyways…i have been praying all these years, and this Sunday, my husband actually said I could raise the children Catholic, and we could start going to the Catholic church again. I had tears in my eyes at church I was so so ecstatic.
Anyhow, please cover this with prayer, because I am in such a shock and happiness, but I am afraid it will change. Please pray that God’s will will give me the peace and security I need, knowing that if it is meant to be, it shall. And also please pray to open his heart to truly exploring what the faith means. Oh and please pray that my two children can be baptized!!!
I am someone who aches for communion and could not imagine a better life than to be in the church. anyhow…i pray that God draws all the right people to this post to cover me and my family in prayer. Thank you and God bless.


Your Catholic correct? if so, then why can’t you get a special dispensation from the priest so you can receive Holy Communion?
Did you ask your hubby if he would consider getting your marriage blessed in the church so you can receive Holy communion? perhaps you should talk to your priest about this. Now, to get to the point.
I will gladly pray for you and your husband and children to all be in the church, hubby to return and kids to be baptized and start catechism.

Are your kids old enough to start catechism? you really should talk to your priest and discuss all these things with him:)

God the Father in heaven, i pray that this lady’s husband comes back home to the true church. i pray also that she is able to raise her children in the faith so that they can be part of the One True Faith.

I humbly beg you Father, please hear my prayers. I ask this in the name of your most beloved Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



Praying for your family.


Heartfelt, have you heard of the Green Scapular Devotion? The Green Scapular is a gift from Our Lady for the purpose of conversions. The person for whom you are praying does not even need to know about the scapular, you can put it somewhere in their room and pray the prayer for them.

You, your husband and children are in my prayers. God bless!


I’ll be praying for your family.


:gopray: Praying for your family. :bible1:


Praying for you and your family - may the joy you feel be always in your heart and your husband come to know how the gift is shared for all. God Bless.


I will pray for your intentions.




Prayers for your family. :byzsoc:


Prayers :gopray2:


Please see a priest and do get the Green Scapular. If nothing else get the miraculous medal to put in your purse. Praying for you and all in your family


Keeping all of your intentions in daily prayer -

and this Sunday, my husband actually said I could raise the children Catholic, and we could start going to the Catholic church again. I had tears in my eyes at church I was so so ecstatic.

What wonderful news for you and a great blessing and Grace - may all continue to go well for you and your family.
Blessings and Peace…Barb


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