Please pray for my father: disabled and depressed


My father was disabled by an aneurysm several years ago, which affected the spinal cord and has left him with a spinal cord injury. He is tremendously depressed, and keeps telling my mom he just wants to die. He has no use of his hands or arms, can’t feed himself, can’t clean himself… He is on medication for depression but it is not helping. He becomes more and more depressed and is angry with the doctor for saving his life, is angry with God for being left helpless when he has been able to care for himself since he was a young child. He is without hope and is in despair. Any prayers for him (and my mom, who is at a loss as to what to do) would be welcomed. Thank you all so much!


Eris, I will pray for your father.


I will pray for him, and his loved ones.


I will pray for your father and all of your family at this difficult time. May all the saints and Holy Mother Mary intercede and St. Joseph hear us in our prayers. God Bless.


I am praying for your father, and for your whole family…:gopray:


I will be praying for your dad.:crossrc:


Eris I’ll be praying for your father and your family. :gopray2:


:gopray2: I will pray for your father. Trust in God.


For all who suffer from physical maladies, most especially this father and husband. May they come to understand the redemptive grace of suffering and find peace through Christ. :gopray:


You’re father and family are in my prayers!!!
I’ll ask my dearest guardian Angel to pray too!
I’ve found that if I ask my dear Angel to pray too, you experience GOD’s grace very quickly! :]


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