Please pray for my Father.


Hi all,

My dad had a little trouble with his x-rays concerning his lungs (I’d rather not go into too much detail). He’s having tests and we’re all a bit scared.

Please pray for him, that there’s nothing wrong with him.



praying for your dad


I’ll be praying for him.


I’ll pray for him today, when I go to adoration.


Praying for your father. :gopray:


I will pray for him as well


Dad’s are a very precious gift to us all. Defender of truth, protector of faith, and supporter of his family with love and treasures. May your Dad find peace and comfort at this time and peace to the whole family who loves him dearly.


:byzsoc: praying


Praying for your father:signofcross:



St Joseph and St Bernardine of Siena (patron against lung problems) please intercede for seraph’s dad :crossrc:




Your father is in my prayers.


Dear All,

Wednesday, we get his results back, which determines a lot of things, including if he has to go into hospital for a long period of time…

Please pray for him that there will be nothing wrong.



Continued prayers for him :crossrc:


Praying for your dad.


Hey all,

Ummm, apparently there is something wrong with Dad…could you please pray for him, for a speedy recovery?


PS Sorry that the post was so short, I’m feeling a bit freaked.


Prayers, stay calm, he’s in good hands.


Dear Twiztedseraph…Keeping your Dad in daily prayer - Blessings - Barb


Praying for dad. :signofcross:



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