Please pray for my fiance who's considering RC


My fiance is currently a Pentecostal but he admits being unsatisfied with his church. He’s now (slowly) learning the Roman Catholicism, but his parents are against such idea – they’re pretty hardline.

Please pray so that the Lord will open a way for him. Thank you :slight_smile:


Heavenly Father

Please Bless qentank and her fiance. Open his heart and mind as he discovers more about your church. Fill him with grace and wisdom and a hunger to know you more. Increase his faith, hope and love, may he discover the beauty of the church you have established. Help him to seek and to find you day by day. Enlighten his mind and strengthen his spirit. May your Holy Spirit pour out his gifts upon him and draw him ever nearer to you. Fill him with your truth and mercy. May he always delight in doing your will. We pray too for his parents that you would fill them with your peace and overshadow them with your love, may they too constantly seek you and your Holy will. Help them to trust that their son will be alright, that he is making the right decisions. Unite both families in your great love


ps. I found this beautiful prayer for those who are engaged:) :

Lord, my heart is on fire with love for a person you know and love. You yourself enabled us to meet each other and brought us together. Thank you for this gift, which fills me with deep joy, makes me resemble you- for you are Love- and leads me to understand the value of the life you gave me.
Never let me squander this treasure you have stored in my heart.

Teach me that love means giving myself and can have no part with selfishness; that love is pure and from now on has to create a new way of life for both of us.

Lord, hear my prayer for the one who is waiting for my hand in marriage and is thinking about me, the one who has placed in me all his trust for the future, the one who walks by my side.
Make us worthy of each other. May we truly be a help and an example for each other. Help us in our preparation for marriage with the dignity and responsibility it entails, so that from now on our souls will master our bodies and guide them to express true love. Amen




Thank you :cool:

And let us continue praying for non-Catholic Christians, esp. those who are thinking about joining the RC.

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. -John 10:16

PS. Sorry if the above verse is irrelevant–I haven’t found the “official” RC interpretation, if any.


Loving God, we pray for qentank’s fiance who is a beautiful child of God created in Your image. Please lead qentank’s fiance through the love of Your Holy Spirit to receive the signs and the guidance to join Your Holy Catholic Church. Please support and guide qentank to love this beautiful child of God and provide qentank with the wisdom and courage to love and lead the process as You decide.

We pray in the name of Your beloved Son Jesus, empowered by Your Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.



Praying …




Praying for you, your fiance and his family…


Praying earnestly…


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