Please pray for my friend and our friendship


I’ve known the kid since 5th grade and consider him a brother to me (im an only child so this relationship is pretty important).

He is a catholic-by-name turned atheist who has made some questionable life decisions (as we all have, no doubt, I’m just worried for him). Please pray that the Holy Spirit finds him and he in converted.

Also our friendship is in great danger. I have an ex-fiancee that I had been dating for 3+ years. She has changed dramatically in the last couple of years into a selfish, manipulative person. We broke up because she wouldn’t budge on the issue of working for planned parenthood. Well since easter we’d been trying to talk again and work things out. 2 weeks ago i went out to dinner with her and thought things went well. The next night I had to leave to go back to my university but my friend stayed behind (he’s also my roommate). He went to her party and started talking to her. She didn’t answer her phone for the next 2 days and then on the 3rd said she didn’t feel anything for me, which obviously devastated me.

Fast forward to last thursday and I find out that they have been talking on a daily basis. I expressed my anger at this and he agreed to end it. Then I find out yesterday that not only is it not ended, but he saw her again on the weekend and has been talking to her on a daily basis again. Not only that but everything was behind my back and I had to hear it from other people/do my own investigating.

I just feel very very hurt and betrayed by this and feel that it might be hard to ever forgive him. The guy is supposedly my best friend and now it will be hard to ever trust him again, even if he does end the relationship for our friendship.

So again, i ask you to pray for his conversion/soul and for our friendship to mend.

Thank you.



I am keeping you and your friend in my prayers.




Praying for you and your friend - for healing and compassion.

Lost sheep may be found by a good shepherd, but they sometimes must want to be found.

I know you are upset but terms like selfish, manipulative, planned parenthood, and secretive, do not bode well for a meaningful relationship with any person.

May God’s plan for you and your heart unfold for you soon. Stay true to your heart. Seek those who truly know you and love you and want what is best for you. God Bless.


Chris, I understand your pain and I feel for you. I purposely ended a long-time friendship because my friend decided to go down the path of immorality. Since this person was very active in the life of our son, I had to cut the ties. It was so painful for me that I physically hurt for months.

I pray for you and your friendship. Hopefully, this is just a ‘low’ in the ‘rollercoaster ride’ and things will straighten out after a bit. This may not be the case, and either way, you’ll have to cleave to your faith.

From Sirach Chapter 22:

One who jabs the eye brings tears: he who pierces the heart bares its feelings. 20 He who throws stones at birds drives them away, and he who insults a friend breaks up the friendship. 21 Should you draw a sword against a friend, despair not, it can be undone. 22 Should you speak sharply to a friend, fear not, you can be reconciled. But a contemptuous insult, a confidence broken, or a treacherous attack will drive away any friend. 23 Make fast friends with a man while he is poor; thus will you enjoy his prosperity with him. In time of trouble remain true to him, so as to share in his inheritance when it comes. 24 Before flames burst forth an oven smokes; so does abuse come before bloodshed. 25 From a friend in need of support no one need hide in shame; 26 But from him who brings harm to his friend all will stand aloof who hear of it. 27 Who will set a guard over my mouth, and upon my lips an effective seal, That I may not fail through them, that my tongue may not destroy me?Friendship is important; friendship is not always easy. If it is meant to be, God’s will be done.


Praying for your friendship.


praying for your friendship :gopray:




I will pray for your intentions Chris.


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