Please Pray for My Friend who Competes Tomorrow


Though this request is not of a serious nature, I was hoping that some of you might pray for a friend of mine, Mischa, who competes tomorrow in a very important event. Please pray that he remains calm and confident. That if he does well, he will remain humble and kind (as he already is) and that if he does not do well, he will still maintain grace and faith in God and the talents He has given him.

Thank you and God Bless!



Prayers for Mischa


Mischa has my prayers!


Praying. :gopray2:


Father we pray that You give Mischa the strength and endurance he needs for this event. Lord if Mischa wins his event we will love You, and Lord if Mischa loses his even we will still love You. We will always love you Lord and we thank You for Your strength, for with out it we would be nothing. Amen.


I pray that the Lord guide him as he competes, and that the Holy Spirit give him wisdom in accepting whatever outcome it might have.


Thank you DJgang, pyropam, Beachcomber, China Dad and Milliardo for your prayers and words of wisdom. Mischa did the best he could but did not win. However, he is competing again this week and is ready for the challenge again. His spirit has not been dampened!

Again, thank you all for your caring words and prayers. I really appreciate them!



Lord help Mischa in his next competition and give him the strength and fortitude to do the best he possibly can . LORD LET HIM BE A HUMBLE AND COMPASSIONATE COMPETITOR and if it be your will Lord let him be the winner ! Praise God ! thank you Lord , in the name of Jesus, amen . Lord bless Elizabeth as she is encouraging and wanting good for her friend . thank you Lord , in the name of Jesus, amen . Have a blessed week Elizabeth ! , John


John, thank you for your lovely prayer for Mischa and for all of your kind words. I am touched. Have a blessed week, too!





Dear Elizabeth - will keep Mischa and his renewed efforts in prayer…

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