Please pray for my friend

My friend was in a wreck 2 yrs. ago. She can’t find a doc. to help and she feel like giving up. Her headaches are getting worse and the nerve in her eye is acting up. She knows it is whatever is in God will but she is having a tough time right now. Please keep her in your prayers please. Seeing the pain in her eyes tonight was so hard. Thank You!

Namid your friend is my prayers, I suffer from crippling migraines so I can sypathize!:gopray2:

your friend will be in my prayers:gopray2:

I am praying, but please remember that it is not God’s will that we suffer. It is His will that we praise Him in spite of our sufferings and use those sufferings for His glory. :crossrc:

Another migraine sufferer here, so I can understand this…:crossrc::crossrc::crossrc:

I’ll pray for your friend. :gopray:

Please heal this young lady. Amen

Praying for your friend.:gopray2:

I will pray for her health. :crossrc:

God Bless,



I am praying for your friend.

Will offer up your intention during my holy hour.


Dearest Heavenly Father,
Please help our sister in this time of pain. Also, Lord, please give Namid the strength to continue to be at our friend’s side during this tough time. We pray together that soon you will put an angel before our friend that has the cure for all that ails. As always we pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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