Please pray for my friend's children


Please pray for my daughter Tanya who is due to have her first baby very soon, for a safe easy delivery and healthy baby and mother.

Please pray for my son Dan who has got depression that he gets better soon and is converted also

Thank you very much

God Bless
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Praying very hard for both of them!


Lord Jesus, Tanya is to deliver her first baby soon. I pray that she may have a safe and easy delivery and may receive in her arms a healthy baby.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you may grant Dan, the gift of healing. I pray that he accept your gift of grace and for his conversion of heart towards you.

Mother Mary, please pray for these intentions.


Jesus please be with Tanya for a safe easy delivery and healthy baby.

Please help Dan’s outlook and self-esteem, and help him to know and welcome that You love him.

Jesus please bless this family


prayer said
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be Amen
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They are in my prayers.


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