Please pray for my friends family: 5 yo in horrific accident



I received some very bad news from one of my friends. In a horrific accident his cousin’s husband and wife backed up their SUV in the driveway when they didn’t notice that their son was behind the car. The 5 year old boy was crushed by the car and later died in the hospital :frowning:

Please pray for the little boy and his family.


So sad…:byzsoc:Praying here!:byzsoc:




Will do.


I will keep this family in my prayers.




I am so terribly sorry about this. Please know that this family is in my prayers.


I will be praying for your friends.


Praying for the family, the boy, and may God embrace them all during this difficult and hurtful time.

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~~ the phoenix


Daily mass for the repose of the soul of the child and for his family :crossrc:


:signofcross: :highprayer:


I am so sorry about this news. I will pray for their family.:gopray2:



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