Please pray for my girlfriend and I


I’ve been dating this wonderful girl who absolutely the best thing to ever happen to me. However, we have gone through a serious rough patch as an abusive ex-boyfriend will not stop causing her trouble from simple things like insulting via texts or horrible things like calling her family and spreading rumors that she’s cheating on me at times when I was with her! Please pray for me as this situation is spiraling out of control and that we both can get through this and continue our relationship. Thank you.

Heavenly Father, in Your divine providence, please bless kolbe & his girlfriend with a relationship characterized by truth without scandal or devious interference. Draw all involved close to Your heart, with humility, now and forever. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :gopray2:

God the father, come to this girl and her family in this great need. we ask this through Jesus Christ our lord. That everything will stop and will be ok. God bless you amen


Lord, please send guardian angels to watch over this young couple Have these angels steer away any negative people so that their relationship may flourish.

May God watch over you both,and bring an angel to touch and guard you. I pray in the Name Of The Father and The Son,and Holy Spirit. Amen. Magelena.

Holy Angels, please protect OP + his GF

Dear Lord do not allow the enemy to rip apart this wonderful relationship& bring KOLBE1943 AND HIS GIRLFRIEND CLOSER TO YOUR HEART and let each of them be more and more full of love for you and towards each other . Lord build a wall around them and protect them from this attack by the enemy. Lord let joy and love flourish and give each strength to love you and trust you during this trial. Let each love you and Lord change the heart of this man spreading rumors and lead him to you and fill him with the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord:) :thumbsup: . THANKS , LET YOUR WILL BE DONE. in the name of Jesus, amen . Kolbe keep in prayer :thumbsup: , John

LORD Jesus
Help and Guide Ur Children

Prayers for all involved.:wink:

Dear Lord, let your gentle spirit rest upon this man who is in so much pain. His suffering of unrequited love has turned and twisted into an ugliness that is hurting other people. Guide him Lord to healing. Amen

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